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11/04/2011 UPMC Adopts GS1 Data Standards to Improve Patient Safety and Efficiency Healthcanal
11/04/2011 Lord & Taylor Tags Shoes, Boosts Sales RFID Journal
11/01/2011 Supply Chain Efficiency, GTIN a Package Deal Healthcare Purchasing News
11/01/2011 Alert! Your IT implementation strategy is incomplete without supply chain data standards Healthcare IT News
10/24/2011 Rigorous Training Keys Food Safety Efforts at Publix Supermarket News
10/20/2011 Goal is to improve device and pharmaceutical traceability through UDI and SNI AIM Global
10/18/2011 Webinar: Ready or not, here comes FDA’s Unique Device Identification initiative
10/17/2011 Sun-Maid Proves Recall Practice Makes Perfect Consumer Goods Technology
10/16/2011 2011 Product Security Report: Back to the Future Pharmaceutical Commerce
10/14/2011 Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative Observes Second Anniversary ID Report
09/29/2011 What's the Future of Item-Level RFID? Apparel Magazine
09/28/2011 Macy's Fast-tracks Nationwide RFID Rollout Apparel Magazine
09/09/2011 New Life for the Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) in the End? SupplyChainDigest
09/08/2011 University of Arkansas, VICS, GS1 US and CSCMP to Host RFID Conference Progressive Grocer
09/07/2011 Scanbuy and GS1 B2C Alliance Launch North America Trusted Mobile Barcode Ecosystem Trial Internet Retailer
08/31/2011 Bending the Cost Curve - Supply Chain Innovations Bring Geisinger Health System $20 Million in Savings - and Counting Hospital & Health Networks
08/18/2011 North America: Total Recall Fresh Plaza
08/11/2011 RFID Retakes Channel by Storm Vertical Systems Reseller
08/10/2011 Tracking and Traceability - Playing Together to Link the Chain Quality Assurance Magazine
08/04/2011 The Importance of Standards to Global Supply Chains Supply Chain Brain
08/01/2011 Visible Solutions Retail Leader
07/19/2011 Visibility Data Enables the Apparel Supply Chain Apparel
07/17/2011 Consumer looking for power Fresh Plaza
07/17/2011 Information Accuracy: The Key to Keeping Seafood Sustainability Efforts on Track Environmental Leader
07/15/2011 Another Food Scare. What's to be Done? Consumer Goods Technology
07/14/2011 Using Visibility Data To Enable Track-And-Trace Processes Food Manufacturing
07/14/2011 How Can Improved UPC Standards Help Retail Wine Stores Southern Beverage Journal
07/13/2011 Innovative Packaging From Organics Unlimited Perishable News
07/13/2011 Untrustworthy Digital Information Can Damage Product's (and Company's) Reputation SupplyChainBrain
07/10/2011 New technology aids fight against counterfeiters Packaging Digest
07/07/2011 Lehman, Lithium, and Lettuce Forbes Blog
07/01/2011 Tracking product safety AORN Connections
07/01/2011 Standard Practices: The race to global data standards adoption Healthcare Purchasing News
07/01/2011 Healthcare supply chain to data standards: Where’s the beef? Healthcare Purchasing News
07/01/2011 GS1 Declares: No Sunset on the Horizon Healthcare Purchasing News
06/27/2011 Alliance Aims to Clean Up Nutrition Information Supermarket News
06/27/2011 Checking in with the Global Foodservice Standards Initiative Nation's Restaurant News
06/23/2011 Momentum builds for traceability The Packer
06/22/2011 Art in Aisle 5: Barcodes Enter Expressionist Period The Wall Street Journal
06/15/2011 Alan Haberman, Who Ushered In the Bar Code, Dies at 81 The New York Times
06/14/2011 Wegmans Receives Data Sync Award Supermarket News
06/06/2011 Macy’s delivers award-winning performance Retailing Today
06/06/2011 Do CPGs need to up the ante and invest more in mobile? Mobile Marketer
06/03/2011 Business Processes Get Clearer in New GS1 US Visibility White Paper MoreRFID
06/03/2011 GS1 food safety conference focuses on foodservice The Packer
06/03/2011 Wakefern Syncing Variable-Weight Items Supermarket News
06/03/2011 Filling Empty Miles Materials Handling & Logistics
06/03/2011 Publix Seeks More Recall Exchange Users Supermarket News
05/28/2011 Pharmaceutical supply chain plays catch-up KMWorld
05/20/2011 The Importance of Standards to Global Supply Chains SupplyChainBrain
05/09/2011 Rapid Recall Exchange Garners Food Safety Honor Progressive Grocer
05/04/2011 Meet the kingmakers of global logistics SmartPlanet
04/20/2011 RFID Can Help Food Industry Prevent Illness Outbreaks Report eWeek
04/15/2011 Are Couponites Exploiting A Barcode Loophole? SmartMoney Blog
04/06/2011 EC sets out privacy requirements for smart RFID tags PCWorld
04/06/2011 European Commission Issues Framework for Measuring and Mitigating RFID's Privacy Impact RFID Journal
04/06/2011 Can Food Traceability Protect Japan's Food Export Sales? Computer World
03/31/2011 Foodservice Lags Traceability Restaurant Business Magazine
03/29/2011 Consumer Safety and Product Info in Spotlight at U Connect LIVE Conference
03/21/2011 New Implementation Guide for Applying Traceability Standards in the U.S. Seafood Supply Chain Grocery Headquarters
03/11/2011 Produce Traceability Proposal Rejected Supermarket News
03/10/2011 GS1 Hospital Location Number Use Gains Momentum Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News
03/08/2011 Health Systems target Efficiency with GS1 Standards Healthcare Finance News
03/07/2011 High-Tech Divide Supermarket News
03/02/2011 2012 GTIN Sunrise and GTIN Allocation Rules for Healthcare Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News
02/21/2011 Educating Apparel Retailers and Suppliers about RFID RFID Journal
02/17/2011 Complimentary webcast from VDC Research: Why 2011 Will be Another Big Year for RFID VDC Research
02/15/2011 AFS PROFILE Now Offers Data Synchronization with GS1 Standards BusinessWire
02/07/2011 Retailer Push for Item Level Tagging Will Benefit Shoppers in Long Run RFID24/7
02/07/2011 Item-Level Tagging Continues to Grow in the Apparel Sector Materials Handling & Logistics
02/01/2011 Inventory Visibility: Focusing on What Counts Apparel Magazine
01/31/2011 Getting With the Program Supermarket News
01/18/2011 Item Level RFID Initiative Focuses on Supplier Benefits RFID Journal
01/17/2011 Retailers Test New ID Technology to Try and "Wow" Indidvidual Consumers St. Petersburg Times
01/12/2011 RFID: No Silver Bullet Materials Handling & Logistics
01/10/2011 The DataBar Takes Over Supermarket News
01/07/2011 Technologies Can Converge Without Crashing Materials Handling & Logistics
01/01/2011 Educate Those Who Regulate Materials Handling & Logistics
01/01/2011 Can FDA Standardize Healthcare with Barcodes? Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News
01/01/2011 Why Are So Many Companies Preparing for Serialization? Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News
12/09/2010 Healthcare Providers Advance the Cause of Supply Chain Standards Logistics Today
12/06/2010 Executives of Kroger, J&J and Sysco Join GS1 US Board of Governors Bloomberg Business Week
12/01/2010 Partnership Aims to Enable Foodservice Distributors to Meet GS1 US Standards Initiative Milestones Supply Demand Chain Executive
12/01/2010 Standards Momentum Has Staying Power, GS1 Healthcare US Chief Says Healthcare Purchasing News
11/30/2010 GS1 Spearheads Mobile Product Data Consortium Progressive Grocer
11/23/2010 Wal-Mart Links GS1 to Sustainability The Loftware Blog
11/01/2010 Major Retailers, Industry Groups Launch Item-Level RFID Guidelines RFID Journal
10/25/2010 Item-Level RFID is Bullish Economic Indicator Material Handling & Logistics (MH&L)
10/15/2010 Unilever Takes Full Accountability Consumer Goods Technology
10/12/2010 Retailers Buy into Item-Level Tagging Apparel Magazine
10/06/2010 Drug pedigree requirements for 2015: Is the pharmaceutical industry ready? Healthcare Packaging
10/05/2010 Make Supply Chains More Visible, Secure, and Sustainable: A Healthcare Industry Mandate Bio Supply Management Alliance
09/23/2010 Product Recall Service Passes 500 Subscribers In First Year Perishable News
09/21/2010 Financial Services Industry: Is Bar Coding the Future? Securities Technology Monitor
09/20/2010 IFDA chairman talks about success in a tough economy Nation's Restaurant News
09/13/2010 RFID guidelines for pallets and containers
09/13/2010 Improving the Supply Chain Through Global Standards MC Press Online
09/03/2010 Traceability systems should be simple, flexible The Packer
09/01/2010 Food packaging: How produce packers can benefit from better traceability Packaging Digest
09/01/2010 Track & Trace Update: Serialization moves along to another deadline Contract Pharma
09/01/2010 The Apex of Fall: PMA Fresh Summit Progressive Grocer
08/31/2010 Drug Packaging Serialization Pharmaceutical Information
08/31/2010 From the Top - Bob Celeste, GS1 Healtcare US [Video]
08/27/2010 Produce Traceability Initiative needs you The Packer
08/17/2010 Supply Chain Comment: Suddenly, RFID is Hot Again Supply Chain Digest
08/16/2010 GS1 – The Value Chain Labeling News
08/16/2010 RFID is not just for the big boys like Wal-Mart anymore Internet Evolution
08/03/2010 Fighting an epidemic --new tools to inhibit counterfeiting Packaging Digest
08/01/2010 Kraft Foods Pushes Global Data Synchronization CPG Matters
07/26/2010 Wal-Mart Takes a New Approach to RFID RFID Journal
07/25/2010 Changes ahead for tracking produce from source to destination The Providence Journal
07/23/2010 Groups back two data standards in letter to Blumenthal Modern Healthcare
07/22/2010 USA - Meat traceabiltry guide Meat Trade News Daily (UK)
07/20/2010 Traceability guidance issued for supply chain Poultry Times
07/18/2010 Tiny tags become big hit with retailers Researchers look to shift their use up supply chain Arkansas Online
07/16/2010 Momentum Is Growing for Item-Level Tagging, Survey Says RFID Journal
07/15/2010 New U.S. meat, poultry traceability guide issued
07/15/2010 New traceability guide issued For US meat and poultry supply chain Food CEO
07/15/2010 New Traceability Implementation Guidance Document Issued For U.S. Meat & Poultry Supply Chain Perishable News
07/13/2010 25 orgs urge FDA to create 'unique device identification' system for medical devices Health Imaging
07/12/2010 Tracing Meat & Poultry Supermarket News
07/08/2010 U.S. Foodservice Adopts New GS1 Standards to Improve Food Safety Trading Markets
07/06/2010 Amerinet Continues Leadership in Standardizing Supply Chain as Founding Member of Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative Business Wire
07/01/2010 Coca-Cola Thinks More in Terms of Value Chain CPG Matters
07/01/2010 Fresh Approaches Stores Magazine
07/01/2010 Traceability Timeline Tweaked Fresh Cut Magazine
07/01/2010 Getting In Sync Progressive Grocer
06/30/2010 PTI seeks out retail leadership The Packer
06/29/2010 Food Safety and Traceability Front and Center at GS1 US 2010 U Connect Conference Food Improved
06/28/2010 GTIN To Enable Flowers Faster Inspection Perishable News
06/28/2010 Syncing Up Supermarket News
06/27/2010 Serialization Efforts Energize Track-and-Trace Technology Pharmaceutical Commerce
06/25/2010 Viewpoint: The Financial Industry Needs Its Own Universal Product Code American Banker
06/24/2010 Wegmans' New Metric: Master Data Completeness Supermarket News
06/21/2010 Consumer Data Needs to Be Accurate, Synchronized Supermarket News
06/21/2010 Survey Seeks to Determine Coupon DataBar Readiness Supermarket News
06/21/2010 Kroger Scans Produce DataBar Supermarket News
06/20/2010 Barcodes now hold more information Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
06/19/2010 Why IT Needs To Push Data Sharing Efforts Information Week
06/14/2010 Another U Connect In The Can eCommerce Best Practices
06/14/2010 Data Key to Wal-Mart's Grasp of Consumers Supermarket News
06/11/2010 FDA Needs Help Inspecting Food Imports: Regional Director Supermarket News
06/11/2010 Tim Smucker and Danny Wegman Honored Grocery Headquarters
06/11/2010 Wegmans CEO recognized by business association The Packer
06/10/2010 GS1 US Data Quality Certification Program Perishable News
06/10/2010 New Survey to Assess Readiness for GS1 DataBar on Coupons Supermarket News
06/10/2010 GS1 US Delivers White Paper on Global Visibility Framework RFID Journal
06/10/2010 Wegman, Smucker, Wal-Mart Receive VICS Awards Supermarket News
06/09/2010 Retailers Teaming Up To Cut 'Empty Miles' And Transport Costs Wall Street Journal
06/09/2010 New Guide for Tracing Meat, Poultry Due by Mid-June Supermarket News
06/08/2010 GS1 US Introduces Data Quality Certification Program Progressive Grocer
06/06/2010 FDA to Speak at Upcoming U Connect Conference Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News
04/22/2010 Keeping Trucks Full, Coming and Going (the Empty Miles solution) The New York Times ("Business of Green" special Earth Day section, p. 2)
04/19/2010 The Tragedy of the Commons RFID Journal (Kevin Ashton)
04/13/2010 Pilot Study Examines Use of RFID at JCPenney; System Improves Inventory Accuracy of Shoes and Bras News Blaze
04/12/2010 Kroger Endorses Rapid Recall Exchange and Encourages All Suppliers to Join Exchange Supply & Demand Chain Executive
04/08/2010 Simulating the Serialized Chain (GS1 Healthcare US helps companies prepare for serialization with 2015 ePedigree readiness Program). Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News
04/08/2010 Kroger joins recall notification network (operated by GS1 US) The Columbus Dispatch
03/25/2010 Harnessing the falling domino effect - Supply data standards can streamline expense-revenue links Healthcare Purchasing News
01/27/2010 Will supply chain meet or postpone standards adoption deadlines? Healthcare Purchasing News
01/26/2010 Premier healthcare alliance moves toward supply chain data standardization Premier
01/25/2010 Kroger Cites Benefits From Industry Recall Portal Supermarket News
01/15/2010 Liverpool Achieves 100 Percent Case-Level Tagging RFID Journal
01/14/2010 Wiley Studies RFID Use to Manage Textbook Returns, Halt Piracy RFID Journal
01/13/2010 Wal-Mart CIO Still 'Bullish' on RFID RFID Journal
01/08/2010 GS1 Healthcare US will kick off a ‘2015 Serialization and Visibility Readiness’ program this month Pharmaceutical Commerce
12/28/2009 Axway Receives EPCglobal Certification for Track & Trace Software RFID Journal
12/11/2009 GS1 US CEO Urges Adoption of Traceability Standards Supermarket News
12/03/2009 SMI announces member progress on data standards adoption Healthcare Purchasing News
12/01/2009 GS1 Healthcare U.S. Launches 2015 Readiness Program Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News
11/30/2009 GS1 US Spearheads Mobile Product Data Consortium Progressive Grocer
11/20/2009 Fashion Retailer Deploys EPC/RFID-based EAS Solution to Improve Customer Service and Boost Sales Loss Prevention Magazine
11/16/2009 Rush Tracking Gets Cash Infusion through Private Equity Firm Acquisition RFID Journal
11/13/2009 Microsoft, IBM Prime for RFID`s Next Wave - Both Support the EPCIS Standard Channel Insider
11/10/2009 Are you ready for a national food traceability system?
11/09/2009 Conair Cooks Up New Business with RFID Industry Week
11/09/2009 Amerinet selects 1SYNC for accessing product information in the GDSN The Medical News -- News-Medical.Net
10/27/2009 Metro Details Some of Its RFID Successes RFID Journal
10/26/2009 New group aims to reduce backhaul pain Today's Trucking
10/23/2009 Open-Source EPCIS Catching On RFID Journal
10/15/2009 The world's first nationwide RFID supply chain? RFID Switchboard
10/14/2009 GS1 Releases Guidelines for RFID-based Electronic Article Surveillance RFID Journal
10/14/2009 Checkpoint Systems Announces First Customer Trial of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Built on RFID Checkpoint
10/13/2009 Conair Uses Its Own EPC Gen 2-based RFID Solutions to Expedite Shipments RFID Journal
10/13/2009 Macy’s Cuts GHG Emissions, Transportation Costs: VICS and GS1 US release case study to show the benefits of their Empty Miles Service for trucking Environmental Leader
10/07/2009 Bar Code: Its Origins, Why It's on Google & What's Next National Geographic News
10/07/2009 Retailers can save £1 billion by synching their data IT PRO
10/05/2009 Foodservice leaders embrace supply chain standards Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
10/05/2009 Mega buyers urge produce suppliers to follow PTI milestones Produce News
09/25/2009 Conair sees gains from item-level RFID RFIDNews
09/22/2009 FMI, GS1 US Launch Nationwide System to Speed Product Recalls Progressive Grocer
09/21/2009 New Recall Exchange Unveiled Food Manufacturing
09/01/2009 Supply Chain Standards – GS1 Sunrise dates approaching rapidly - Are you ready? Healthcare Purchasing News
08/24/2009 New Certification Programs for Data Quality Supermarket News
08/24/2009 Weights and Measures Supermarket News
08/01/2009 Bar codes earning their stripes - Providers, suppliers put their support behind bars for people, products Healthcare Purchasing News
07/17/2009 UPC Turns 35 Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News
07/16/2009 Pulling for Auto ID Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News
06/25/2009 Game Changer in Retailing, Bar Code Is 35 The New York Times
06/07/2009 The Bar Code Is Taking a Leap Forward The New York Times
06/01/2009 Coming Soon to a Supply Chain Near You Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News
05/01/2009 Premier CIO conducting data synchrony - Alliance pushes harder for supply chain data standards Healthcare Purchasing News
04/20/2009 Why Buy EPCglobal-Certified Products? RFID Journal
04/01/2009 Crafting a supply chain standards stimulus package Healthcare Purchasing News
04/01/2009 Raising UDI’s profile on the flagpole: FDA meeting emphasizes economics, patient safety, supply chain efficiency Healthcare Purchasing News
02/01/2009 Change is Coming - Medical Technology Industry Must Embrace Unique Device Identifiers and Product Data Standards MX: Business Strategies for Medical Technology Executives Online
01/01/2009 Change the forecast from perfect storm to perfect order Healthcare Purchasing News
01/01/2009 Product Serialization and Electronic Pedigree in 2009 - What should you be doing now? Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News
01/01/2009 Your Gateway to Savings NACS Magazine
11/06/2008 Metro Group Using RFID & the EPCIS Standard for Supply Chain Tracking Supermarket News
10/21/2008 Pacific Coast Producers Works Through Challenges to Realize Benefits RFID Journal
10/20/2008 Wal-Mart, DOD Point to Sustained Progress RFID Journal
09/16/2008 Walgreens Opens RFID-Enabled Distribution Center RFID Journal
07/14/2008 Food Manufacturer to Use RFID to Increase Supply Chain Safety IndustryWeek
07/11/2008 IBM keeps tracks on chickens with RFID
07/08/2008 RFIDswitchboard interview with EPCglobal's Sue Hutchinson: Above and Beyond Gen 2 RFIDswitchboard
12/06/2007 EPCglobal Launches Consumer Website RFID Journal
12/06/2007 EPCglobal goes online
12/03/2007 Helping Consumers Discover RFID's Benefits RetailWire
12/03/2007 New Website Highlights Benefits of RFID Technology International Food Safety & Quality Network (
11/30/2007 Website offers insight into RFID innovations
11/30/2007 Helping consumers to 'Discover RFID' (Tune into RFID) Computer Weekly
11/29/2007 New Web Site Touts Benefits of RFID Technology ... World Trade Magazine
11/28/2007 New Website Highlights Benefits Of RFID Technology RFID Solutions Online
10/12/2007 Standards, Technology Continue To Evolve Food Logistics
10/01/2007 Routes to Growth ECR Europe
10/01/2007 Fast Forward for Data Sync ECR Europe
09/27/2007 Price Sync Standard Now Supported by 1SYNC Data Pool Supermarket News
09/15/2007 One Supplier Likes What It's Getting From Wal-Mart's RFID Push Information Week
06/11/2007 Data Sync Summit Awards Supermarket News
04/21/2007 EPC Standard Could Breathe New Life Into RFID InformationWeek
04/16/2007 The Ratification of EPCIS RFID Journal
04/16/2007 RFID Data Sharing Standard EPCIS is Ratified RFID Update
04/16/2007 EPCglobal Ratifies EPCIS Industry Standard Integrated Solutions Magazine
04/01/2007 Transforming and Expanding Track and Trace in the Chemical Supply Chain - Refer to page 16 & 17 Magazine
02/01/2007 Unearthing the Savings Food Logistics Magazine
11/20/2006 Price Synchronization Pilot Set for January Supermarket News
11/13/2006 Can RFID Save the day for Spinach? RFID Journal
11/13/2006 Wal-Mart Sets Aggressive Data Sync Goals Supermarket News
11/13/2006 Betting on Synchronization Supermarket News
10/09/2006 Dow Chemical's Global Reach: A Q&A. CIO Dave Kepler talks about the company's new technology, which combines radio frequency identification with global positioning systems Business Week
08/29/2006 1SYNC Adds New Suppliers to its Community Retail Information Systems
08/26/2006 1SYNC Adds 300 Companies to Data Sync Community Supermarket News
08/08/2006 Data Synchronization Study Shows Power, Harmonization MorningNewsBeat
08/07/2006 Accurate Global Data Synchronization Improves Supply Chain Efficiencies Yahoo! Finance
08/07/2006 Accurate Global Data Synchronization Improves Supply Chain Efficiencies GMA SmartBrief
08/07/2006 Accurate Global Data Synchronization Improves Supply Chain Efficiencies Business Wire, SF
07/26/2006 In Sync: Wegman's and P&G Collaborate on Product Data ERI Journal
07/24/2006 Power 50 List Supermarket News
07/24/2006 Accurate Data Collaboration Day and Wegmans Study Supermarket News
07/01/2006 Retail Visionary Retail Info Systems
06/10/2006 Synching Up Supermarket News
06/07/2006 SUPERVALU Synchronizing with 500 Suppliers Media Coverage Report
01/01/2006 Trading in Concert: How do you share data on the EPCglobal Network? Practice, practice, practice! RFID Journal
01/01/2006 The 95 Percent Solution: EPCglobal standards can help improve the safety and longevity of aircraft RFID Journal
01/01/2006 The Value of Trust: EPCglobal certification programs will ensure that hardware and software products meet approved standards RFID Journal
06/15/2005 Supervalu Now In Sync With 500 Suppliers Food Logistics