Why EPC-enabled RFID?

The use of the Electronic Product Code(EPC) with RFID provides an effective bridge from today’s barcode-based systems to RFID without losing your current investment in identification systems, transaction systems, or other information sharing techniques. EPC-enabled RFID, coupled with serialization techniques, represent a way for your company to extend your current investment in the GS1 Standards to take advantage of the benefits of RFID as a data capture technology, while still using the GS1 standards for identification and data exchange. The diagram below shows how EPC and RFID relate to the broader family of GS1 standards for Identify, Capture and Share.  

RFID is a powerful AIDC technology and EPC ties its use to the existing GS1 identifiers, but the real power of EPC/RFID comes to your business through the enhanced exchange of information about physical visibility – Answering the simple question “Where’s my stuff?”.  It’s visibility that enables business process improvements, such as better inventory accuracy and improved on-shelf availability, not to mention being the key enabler for traceability of your goods and assets throughout the supply chain.

When Should I Consider RFID?

What is EPC-enabled RFID?