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Relevant Standards

Providing the foundation for efficient supply chain management

For more than 35 years, the GS1 System of global supply chain standards has revolutionized efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in a broad range of industries, including the apparel industry. GS1 Standards, like identification numbers, provide a “common language” that allows companies and their trading partners to identify items at any point along the supply chain.

GS1 Standards for the apparel industry include:

GS1 System Data Carriers

GS1 System Data Carriers enable companies to capture standardized data–such as a specific item in the supply chain–using barcodes or EPC-enabled RFID tags.

To encourage standardization in the apparel industry supply chain and help apparel companies implement the right technology the right way to achieve their business goals, GS1 US has created the EPC Item Level Readiness Program.