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Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative:

Get Ready…The Time Is Now!

The “business of food” is changing fast...the business models used just a few years ago no longer provide the efficiencies needed today; and increased consumer demand for product information regarding allergens, nutrition and food safety, including recent government regulations, all underscore the need for a common standards-based system to identify, capture and share accurate and timely product information.

By attending this free webinar you will learn what manufacturers, distributors and operators such as Tyson Foods, Inc., US Foods and Sodexo, Inc. already know, and how you can join them:

  • GS1 Standards and their use in the foodservice industry
  • The Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative, its goals, industry adoption progress, and how your organization can get involved
  • Benefits that foodservice companies are already seeing  
  • Industry and regulatory food safety initiatives such as the Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Tools and resources available to help you get started  

01/21/15 - 2pm ET
02/18/15 - 2pm ET
03/18/15 - 2pm ET
04/15/15 - 2pm ET
05/20/15 - 2pm ET
06/17/15 - 2pm ET
07/15/15 - 2pm ET
08/19/15 - 2pm ET
09/16/15 - 2pm ET
10/21/15 - 2pm ET
11/18/15 - 2pm ET
12/16/15 - 2pm ET

2014 GTIN/GDSN Sunrise

NEW: Are you ready for the Sunrise?
The foodservice industry has made the adoption of GS1 Standards a top priority to improve product information, efficiency, and food safety. The goal of the 2014 Foodservice GTIN/GDSN Sunrise is by 12/31/2014 have all products sold through the foodservice supply chain utilizing GTINs and GS1 barcodes and to utilize the GDSN as the industry source for retrieving accurate, real time product attributes. The Sunrise date affects all foodservice trading partners, including manufacturers, distributors and operators. Learn about the key components of this industry initiative – assigning GTINs, barcoding cases and synchronizing data with all of your trading partners through the GDSN.

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The Standards Advantage – Adding Value to your Supply Chain

Accurate product information, optimized supply chain efficiency and enhanced food safety are critical in the changing foodservice landscape. Hear from industry experts on the benefits of GS1 Standards for your company and why they should be an important part of your supply chain strategy. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor or operator, we’ve got you covered

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GDSN Major Release 3.X Webinars and Workshops

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) connects trading partners to the GS1 Global Registry via GS1-certified data pools, enabling the immediate electronic sharing of standardized, up-to-date, and accurate information. Prepare now. 
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Product Images - More than Just Pretty Pictures

Foodservice product images tell a story. They offer tremendous business value by offering important information, reducing the need for samples, and improving online user experience and merchandising capabilities. They can even help boost sales revenue when language may be a barrier. But, with digital images and formatting requirements varying across trading partners, this business value isn’t always realized. This informative session will put forth guidance and standardized methodology for how foodservice products can be stylized, represented digitally and transmitted through the GDSN, thus reducing complexity and enabling value. It also provides an overview of the new “Product Images Application Guideline” available to support the foodservice industry with implementation.  

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GDSN Education Videos

Educational Series

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