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The Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative

The Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative is a voluntary, collaborative industry effort seeking to drive waste out of the foodservice supply chain, improve product information, and establish a foundation for food safety through better traceability.

GS1 US launched the Initiative in October 2009 in partnership with the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA), the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA), and the National Restaurant Association, along with 55 leading manufacturer, distributor, and operator companies. The industry's goal is to have 75 percent of the foodservice industry (measured by revenue) using GS1 Standards by 2015.

Today, over 100 foodservice manufacturers, distributors, operators, associations, and others are members of the Initiative, focused on driving better efficiency, product information, and traceability with GS1 Standards.

But the foodservice supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link—which is why it’s critical for all foodservice companies to adopt GS1 Standards. By joining the Initiative, your organization will take a leading role in driving widespread change in the foodservice industry. Among the benefits of joining the Initiative:

  • Your voice will be heard, so you can influence—not just react to—recommendations from your peers and competitors. You’ll be able to join workgroups, task groups and member meetings that shape the future development of GS1 Standards for your industry.
  • Get support for your company’s journey. As part of the Initiative, you enjoy access to valuable educational Tools and Resources for adopting and implementing standards—and using them to address ever-evolving regulatory requirements.
  • Help advance the industry—and deliver benefits to all of your trading partners and, ultimately, your customers.

We encourage you to review:

You may also wish to download our two-page summary of the Initiative.

Foodservice Workgroups
Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative members provide technical and functional expertise to address major issues and needs in the adoption of GS1 Standards. Become part of our targeted workgroups made up of industry stakeholders, working to develop a variety of implementation tools, educational materials, and recommendations in support of the Initiative.

Click here to access the following workgroup plans:

  • GTIN Workgroup
  • GLN Workgroup
  • GDSN Workgroup
  • User Workgroup
  • Marketing Workgroup

Learn more about the Foodservice Workgroup Structure
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