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The fresh foods industry is approaching a new frontier in the use of technology to support operations. Faced with increasing demands for efficiency and supply chain visibility, companies are turning to GS1 Standards to ensure product traceability and food safety, while also streamlining business processes.

Industry stakeholders agree that traceability is at the heart of food safety. The concept of unique identification as the foundation for Critical Tracking Events is critical to building effective traceability systems. Unique identification for your brand—not just the commodity—begins with the GS1 Company Prefix, which you can obtain by joining the GS1 US Partner Connections program.

The Food and Drug Administration's Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is expected to impact all fresh food categories. It focuses on the creation of a new food safety system with broad preventative measures and accountability. Read GS1 US comments to FDA on IFT traceability recommendations in support of FSMA here.

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What's New
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  • Join the GS1 US Dairy, Deli & Bakery Traceability Readiness Program or learn more
  • Two informational flyers are now available on the importance of unique identification of all fresh food products. Read more here.
  • Trade Association partners providing educational resources related to FSMA: PMA and United Fresh