U.S. Healthcare Industry Sunrise Dates

In order to accelerate industry-wide adoption and implementation, many organizations and companies throughout the U.S. healthcare supply chain have announced their support to adopt GS1 Standards by industry-accepted “sunrise” dates of 2010 for location identification (Global Location Number - GLN) and 2012 for product identification (Global Trade Item Number - GTIN). All partners in the healthcare supply chain need to be aware of this industry-wide initiative and understand the benefits of using one common global data standard to improve patient safety and supply chain efficiency. Training, tools, and resources to help healthcare providers and suppliers implement GS1 Standards are available through industry associations and group purchasing organizations (GPOs), as well as GS1 Healthcare US. 

GTIN Implementation in U.S. Healthcare (formally 2012 GTIN Sunrise)
Now that the GLN Sunrise milestone has passed, the emphasis is on the next goal: standardizing all product identification by December 2012 using the GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). The goals of 2012 GTIN Sunrise include the following:

"Adoption of GTIN in Healthcare by 2012"

  • GTINs are assigned to healthcare products.
  • GTINs are used in business transactions.
  • GTINs are marked on appropriate packaging levels.
  • GTINs are scanned at points-of-delivery to enhance clinical process.
  • GTINs are used in product returns and recalls.
  • GTINs are registered in a GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)-certified Data Pool.

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GLN Implementation in U.S. Healthcare (formerly 2010 GLN Sunrise)
The healthcare industry committed to adopt Global Location Numbers (GLNs) as the standard for unique location identifiers beginning December 2010. The goals of the GLN initiative include the following:

"Adoption of GLN in Healthcare by 2010"

  • GLNs are assigned by location owners.
  • GLNs are used in appropriate business transactions and processes between trading partners.
  • GLN hierarchy is defined and maintained by location owners.
  • GS1 US Data Hub | Location (formerly known as GLN Registry) is used to facilitate correct location identification.

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