Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C)

Creating one source of trusted data for accurate online and mobile sales

With the explosive growth in mobile technologies and barcode scanning applications, brand owners are seeking ways to provide consumers with the accurate product information they need to enable educated purchase decisions.

Inaccurate or incomplete product information negatively impacts sales and a brand’s reputation—and the majority of current digital information is bad. This is the B2B2C (business-to business-to-consumer) issue. We need to improve the quality of our data, addressing both supply chain needs (B2B) and consumer needs (B2C)—for the benefit of all.

The key to achieving trusted data quality is the widespread use of globally-unique identification. Leveraging GS1 Standards for the physical (B2B) and the digital (B2C) distribution of product data, represents a significant opportunity for the industry.

GS1 Standards provide the foundation for online and mobile initiatives
Many kinds of online and mobile initiatives are currently underway—by individual retailers and manufacturers, GS1 member organizations, private ventures and others—and many more will come. Now is the time to establish alignment on a common foundation for these initiatives to provide trustworthy, authoritative consumer information. The Consumer Goods Forum and GS1 are playing a pivotal role in establishing a business-led approach towards a solution that is based on consensus among manufacturers, retailers, and technology providers.

Join the B2C Alliance and shape the future of B2B2C
The B2C Alliance, led by GS1 US and GS1 Canada, is helping businesses develop, adopt, and implement consistent information standards, based on GS1 Standards. The Alliance includes representatives from leading product brands, technology providers, and retailers.

You can make a difference by joining the B2C Alliance and continuing the dialogue about this important issue. You will have the opportunity to contribute your expertise to help us develop better and more reliable solutions using global standards. Join a teleconference, access workgroups, pilot project management support, standards best practices, technology expertise, and more. To get started, email

Consumers Are Changing the Way They Shop – Are You Ready?
  • E-Commerce Sales Reached $264 Billion in 2013
  • Forrester Research estimates online retail sales will grow at a compound annual rate of 9.5% from 2013-2018, and the web will account for 11% of U.S. retail sales in 2018
  • The US Commerce Department recently reported that e-commerce sales increased 15.7% on an adjusted basis from Q2 2014, while retail sales increased just 4.4% over the same period
  • Smartphones and tablets now account for 51% of retail traffic according to data from Branding Brand

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