High Technology and Electronics

Transforming everyday business processes through global visibility

The high technology and electronics industry is an inherently global industry, making visibility in the supply chain a competitive necessity. The industry sees supply chain visibility as its biggest challenge—and greatest opportunity—something that was reflected in a 2011 survey sponsored by the HT&E consortium, RosettaNet, and GS1 US.

Beyond visibility, companies need to connect with SME’s more efficiently, control implementation costs, and improve the quality of their data.

Key benefits from improved visibility, according to the 2011 survey:

  • Tracking the physical movement of our products
  • Optimizing cost-flexibility
  • End-to-end monitoring, which often becomes a problem going outside our own environment
  • Visibility up and down the supply chain supports information sharing and improves the financial flow
  • Continuous supply chain visibility in the forecast, purchase order, and invoice areas
  • Standardization of previously proprietary coding of information
  • Supply chain velocity and agility

GS1 Standards in Action

The use of GS1 Standards can help ensure perfect order fulfillment, shorten customer wait time, reduce total supply chain costs, and help attain true product visibility.

Together with GS1 US, you will be able to learn from your peers and competitors and be part of forums that will shape the future development of GS1 Standards for your industry.

GS1 US Membership will also give you benefits such as:

  • Awareness Web Broadcasts: A medium for solving supply chain challenges and expanding standards global adoption
  • Access to member-only RosettaNet Standards collateral
  • Participation in quarterly implementer Web Broadcasts
  • Right to submit quarterly DTD and XSD RosettaNet PIP Maintenance
  • Basic Help Desk Support: log-ins, website navigation, member benefits, standards clarification
  • Quarterly Community Update. Submissions accepted from members only
  • The services currently offered through the Partner Connection membership
  • The opportunity to participate in other developing initiatives within GS1 US

GS1 US also supports the ongoing maintenance and implementation of the RosettaNet Standards through membership in the GS1 US Partner Connections Program. More information on these high tech based processes can be found at www.rosettanet.org.

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