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Tag with RFID

Get Started with Item Level Tagging

Numerous companies across multiple industries have instituted or expanded item level tagging programs and are realizing the benefits of more accurate inventory tracking, better on-shelf availability of products, and enhanced traceability for safer products, medicine, and food. If you are actively involved in an item level initiative, or are getting ready to participate, the GS1 US Item Level Readiness Program provides step-by-step education, implementation tools and access to industry stakeholders who can share their experiences and best practices. Click here for more information.

GS1 Standards Make it Easy

The EPC, short for Electronic Product Code, is simply an RFID-friendly encoding of the same GS1 Standard Identifiers already supporting thousands of legacy ERP, inventory management, point-of-sale, and other enterprise systems. And, since most retail systems are keyed with GS1 Identifiers, integration within your operations becomes easier since barcode and RFID systems can work together seamlessly, side-by-side, each leveraging the same data. So it’s the best of both worlds with GS1 Standards: You can continue to meet your current data capture and sharing requirements with barcodes, while extending their value proposition by adding more speed and visibility to your operations with EPC-enabled RFID. And, you can do it at your own pace, while leveraging your existing investments.

Useful Links

Register Your GS1 Company Prefix in ONS
Register your GS1 US Company Prefix (formerly referred to as an EPC Manager Number) in the Object naming Services (ONS) to ensure its authenticity.

Request an EPC Symbol
Include the EPC Symbol on your tags or place of business to indicate adherence to consumer privacy guidelines and the responsible use of EPC-enabled RFID technology.

EPC Item Level Readiness Program
The GS1 US EPC Item Level Readiness Program supports the implementation of technology and GS1 standards to improve business process challenges, and overall supply chain efficiency.

EPC Adoption Roadmap
Access this interactive tool to learn the steps necessary to successfully implement an EPC-enabled RFID solution.