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Membership Tools & Services

GS1 US provides a number of valuable tools and services. Think of our offerings as a way to harness the expertise of GS1 US at your fingertips.

For more information on our tools and services, click the links below:

  • GS1 US Data Hub® | Product – the tool that takes the guesswork out of creating and managing barcodes and sharing product information
  • Check Digit Calculator – the tool that quickly calculates a check digit for your GS1 US identification numbers
  • GS1 US Data Hub® | Location – the tool that drives reliable location identification and information to improve business efficiencies
  • GS1 US Data Hub® | Company – the tool for accessing validated U.P.C. and company information for better business processes
  • GS1 Company Database (GEPIR) – the look-up tool for barcode numbers and the companies linked to them
  • Rapid Recall Express – a fillable standardized form that applies industry expertise and best practices to recall and withdrawal notifications.
  • EPC Adoption Roadmap – the guide you need to develop and execute a successful EPC/RFID implementation
  • UNSPSC – the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code provides a global multi-sector standard for efficient, accurate classification of products and services
  • Barcode Verification Services - verify your barcodes with GS1 to make sure they scan the first time, every time.
  • Product Measurement Services - ensure that your dimensional data in the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is accurate, as well as standards compliant
  • Barcode Quality Products & Services - let us help you check the print quality of your barcodes