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Membership Mergers & Acquisition Support

A merger, acquisition, change in company name or registration, or divestiture may affect the ownership or registration of a GS1 Company Prefix. For these reasons, it is important to notify the issuing GS1 Member Organization of any and all changes.

Steps for initiating the transfer process with GS1 US:

  1. Complete the Company Prefix Transfer Request.
  2. Download and have duly authorized officer of the selling company complete and sign the Prefix Release Letter (Right click this link and Save it to your computer for best results).
  3. Email the completed Company Prefix Transfer Request and the Prefix Release Letter and/or other supporting documentation to the GS1 US Data Maintenance Team.

Not sure if you properly registered the transfer of the GS1 Company Prefix(es) as a result of a past M&A? No problem! We can work with you to properly register the transfer. First use GEPIR, our online internet-based service to verify to whom the Company Prefix is registered. If the information needs to be updated, then please contact the GS1 US Data Maintenance Team at +1 937.435.3870.

Reporting a Company Name Change

Any change in your company’s name, or conversion of the company from one business type to another e.g., Inc., LLC, LLP etc., should be communicated to GS1 US to ensure proper registration of your GS1 Company Prefix(es). The Company Name Change Request Form should also be used to notify these changes.

Documentation supporting the change such as a copy of a Business Conversion form or other appropriate forms filed with the Secretary of State based on company’s state of incorporation should be included with the request form.

Other changes or updates to your company’s contact information such as company address, phone, and contact information can be made directly online or by filling out our Company Profile Form.