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It’s your source for educational videos, training modules, standards guidelines, webinars and on-demand learning. Learn all about GS1 Standards, how they should be used and how they can benefit your business. From standards novices to experts, for companies of all sizes, we have the resources you need to move your business forward. Having trouble finding a course? Want to request a private or customized session for your organization? Click here to contact us.

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GS1 Standards Certificate Course
Package Measurement Rules Certificate Course
GS1 Fundamentals
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Excellent presentation…It especially helped me better prepare for my upcoming application, which saves me time and money by doing it right the first time. A 'newbie' entrepreneur lacking business background, and often overwhelmed by the many requirements and forms associated with creating a small business, your video reduced my anxiety of the unknown. This one task clearly presented the purpose of GS1US codes, for all business needs...small and large. I had answers and tools to make the bar code work for my business. Grateful for the knowledge."


-Diane Dallman, Owner-Manager, JD SpeKtrum, LLC

Upcoming Live Classes

07/22: Ask the Experts Live Webinar
GDSN Package Measurement Rules

Avoid Supply Chain Delays and Get Your Products on the Shelf Faster

08/14: Ask the Experts Live Webinar
Create and Maintain GLNs

Get an in depth look at how to create GLNs and how GLNs are used

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