GS1 Standards and Solutions Conference Track

GS1 Standards for identifying, capturing and sharing data – about products, trade items, locations and more – make it possible for companies to speak the same language and leverage the power of information. Learn first-hand from the GS1 Standards experts how to use GS1 Standards to move your business forward.


Pre-Conference Education

  • GS1 Standards: Identify, Capture, Share 101 and 102; EDI Essentials, GDSN Overview and much more
GS1 Standards and Solutions Track Sessions

  • Protecting Brand Identity: Manage Your Assigned Prefix During an M&A
  • Take the Guesswork Out of Creating Barcodes
  • Staying Informed During a Recall or Withdrawal
  • The Business Case for Global Data Sync
  • How EDI Can Revolutionize Your Business Practices
  • Trading Partner Forum: GTIN Allocation Rules
  • The Right Barcode for the Right Business Application
  • Identifiers in Action: Drive Business Forward Using GLNs

  • Discuss your implementation questions with GS1 Standards Experts one-on-one
  • Meet with GS1 US Industry experts and learn about how to apply GS1 Standards to your industry
  • Ask questions of session speakers during and after conference sessions

During the general conference visit the Industry Zones and Standards Zone in the Exhibit hall to find resources for implementing GS1 Standards in your business
Network with GS1 US staff and GS1 Standards experts at our informal Meet and Greet sessions held in the GS1 Standards & Solutions Zone located in the Exhibit hall. Please join us at our Meet & Greet held during Tuesday’s Welcome Reception.


If you are new to GS1 Standards, we suggest you view our pre-conference educational offering on the basics of the GS1 System. Pre-conference offerings will begin on Sunday, June 8, 2014 and continue through Monday, June 9, 2014. Located at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina, the Pre-conference education returns to offer 101 level tracks on the basics of implementing barcodes, electronic commerce, EPC-enabled RFID and global data synchronization. Additional tracks and workshops have been added to the pre-conference educational roster to meet the growing demand for hands-on training such as EDI Essentials, Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Reporting (CPFR) Training and a GDSN Workshop. All events will require that attendees wear their event badges. Learn more >