The GS1 US National Data Quality Program

To respond to increasing consumer and trading partner demands for complete, accurate, and timely product information, GS1 US has brought together industry stakeholders in the GS1 US Data Quality Discussion Group to develop the GS1 US National Data Quality Framework for establishing and sustaining high quality data.

Complete and accurate product data benefits for all stakeholders include:      
  • Increased consumer confidence and access to product information
  • Enhanced trading partner collaboration
  • Improved efficiencies across various business processes

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GS1 US National Data Quality Program (NDQ)

The GS1 US National Data Quality Program Framework is designed to be universal, to apply to all industry sectors, and to address three essential components leading to certification:

  1. Data Governance – A strong data governance program ensures processes and procedures are in place to establish and maintain accurate data over time. Adherence to the Five Point Best Practice is foundational.

    Five Points Best Practice
    • Adhere to GS1 Standards and Rules for initial attributes in internal item setup
    • Assign data owners throughout the organization
    • Appoint one entity/department/individual as the sole owner of product data
    • Audit all new items produced in a sustainable production environment ready for shipment(finished goods)
    • Execute communication of initial attributes and package measurements (both internally and externally)

  2. Education and Training – Ongoing education focused on GS1 GTIN® Allocation Rules, Package Measurement Rules, and the Global Data Synchronization Network™ is necessary to ensure your organization has the knowledge needed to maintain high quality data for your operations.
  3. Attribute Audit – The physical audit of the product compared to the most recent information shared about that product is the best way to validate that data governance processes and institutional knowledge exist to support an effective data quality program.

Certification - Proficiency in all three components of the GS1 US National Data Quality Program allows an organization to obtain data quality certification by GS1 US. This will demonstrate to your trading partners that you are an industry leader achieving or that has met the high standards of data quality stewardship. To apply for the GS1 US National Data Quality Program Certification—as defined by the GS1 US Data Quality Discussion Group representing 179 companies—contact Advisory Services.


Take Action Now to Improve your Data Quality

Who should get involved?

Professionals with responsibility for product data, master data management, data synchronization, research and development, sales and marketing, operations for:
  • Suppliers/Manufacturers/Brands Owners
  • Wholesalers/Distributors
  • Receivers/Buyers/Providers
Get started with the GS1 US National Data Quality Program: Advance your data quality program: Need in-depth guidance for your data quality program? Contact GS1 US Advisory Services for customized training and implementation support to address company-specific data quality challenges:
  • On-site data quality workshops 
  • Customized training to meet your organizations needs
  • GS1 Standards and Data Governance Assessments




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September 13, 2016
Wyoming, MI (Hosted by Gordon Food Service)
Add on: Package Measurement w/GTIN Allocation Rules Certificate Course on September 14 at same location

Lucelena Angarita

Debbie Bower
Dot Foods, Inc.

MicheLe Larson
Schwan's Food Service, Inc.

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