The GS1 Company Prefix

The GS1 Company Prefix is at the heart of the GS1 system of identifiers. It forms the base for a family of identifiers that are globally unique and can be used for a host of different applications.

The GS1 Company Prefix may be a little string of numbers, but it’s a huge investment in the future of your business. GS1 Company Prefixes vary in length between seven digits and eleven digits – Different length prefixes provide you with different capacities for particular types of identifiers. Below is an example of the impact of different length GS1 Company Prefixes on the capacity, or number of GTINs, that can be assigned from a single prefix.

Watch our 4-minute video to learn how the GS1 Company Prefix can help your company.

GS1 Company Prefix Length  Enabled (Capacity)
Seven Digits
Eight Digits
Nine Digits
Ten Digits
Eleven Digits

Let’s say your company licenses a GS1 Company Prefix that allows you to build 100 GTINs (or, 100 different types of products that your company offers for sale). There is so much more that this little string of numbers can let you identify. What can you do with that same Company Prefix?

Identifiers Capacity
GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
100 types of products you sell
GLN (Global Location Number)
100 physical locations
GRAI (Global Returnable Asset Identifier)
100 types of returnable assets
GDTI(Global Document Type Identifier)
100 types of documents
 SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code)  1,000,000 shipments of goods
 GSRN (Global Service Relationship Number)  10,000,000 service relationships
GIAI (Global Individual Asset Identifier)   10^20 (that’s a Sextillion!) individual assets

That’s a lot of power at the ready for inventory, accounting, order fulfillment, service agreements and asset management, to name just a of few business processes that benefit from clear and globally unique identifiers!

Haven’t licensed your GS1 Company Prefix yet? Here’s how to get started.