Thank you for being a Trading Partner Roundtable Host

The GS1 Connect 2019 Conference is the leading trading partner collaboration event where industry stakeholders, data standards users, and experts gather to share practical ideas and industry-tested best practices for leveraging GS1 Standards in supply chain operations and beyond. 

As a Trading Partner Roundtable host, you will receive a unique discount code to provide your trading partners and staff associates a 10% discount off their conference registration fee. This code will apply the 10% discount to the attendee's registration -- while at the same time counting towards your "1 free registration for every 10 attendees" benefit. If you have not received your discount code, please email


Promote your participation at GS1 Connect

Use these marketing tools to promote your participation at GS1 Connect 2019. Trading Partner Roundtable Hosts are not permitted to alter or change the marketing resources provided below

GS1 Connect Social Media Toolkit for Trading Partner Roundtable Hosts: 

  • Includes post ideas, ready to share content for LinkedIn, Twitter and more - Download Now

Social Media Incentive:

We are excited to announce our first ever social media incentive to benefit the trading partner roundtable program at GS1 Connect. As a participant in this program you have the opportunity to earn 1 complimentary conference registration for 8 social media shares. Details on this incentive are noted below, as well as in your GS1 Connect Social Media Toolkit.  

Incentive Guidelines

  1. The 8 posts must be shared between March 1st and May 31st.
  2. Posts can be shared from your corporate social media accounts or an employee of your company can also choose to share posts from their personal accounts.
  3. To count as a share the hashtags #GS1Connect19 and #GS1ConnectTPRT must both be included and the post must also include your company’s name. This will help us to attribute your employees’ shares to your company.
  4. Only shares on Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter will be counted and only one complimentary conference registration can be earned though this incentive. 

Examples Posts:

  1. Join (company name) at our Trading Partner Roundtable session at #GS1Connect19 to discuss best practices and business processes to help elevate efficiency in your #supplychain. #GS1ConnectTPRT
  2. Attending #GS1connect19? Stop by the (company name) Trading Partner Roundtable session to discuss best practices and business processes to help elevate efficiency in your #supplychain. #GS1ConnectTPRT


These GS1 Connect banners can be used for promoting the conference on your website or through email.



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Tools & Resources

To promote your participation at GS1 Connect 2019 and value of the conference for your trading partners, GS1 US has put together the following communication tools and resources for you to use.