Co-located events

Co-located industry meetings and solution provider user groups at GS1 Connect help attendees maximize their travel investment with greater exposure and networking opportunities, so they can bring greater value to their companies. If you are interested in hosting a co-located event at GS1 Connect 2018, contact


2017 User Group Meetings

This event provides the 1WorldSync community with invaluable networking time with trading partners and insightful sessions led by industry leaders from the Foodservice, CPG Retail, Hardlines & Healthcare industries. Join us to discover the latest trends and highlights revolving around ways to take your business forward leveraging product content as a strategic asset.                                                                     

For the first time, the FSEnet+ User Group Meeting will be divided into distinct sections that address the specific factors that drive business collaboration in the retail, healthcare, and foodservice industries. Attendees will learn about the innovative new products FSEnet+ is releasing in 2017, and hear about our vision for helping partners navigate a rapidly changing business landscape.                                                             

The annual LANSA User Group session is open to companies leveraging LANSA’s solutions to connect to 1WorldSync. Topics include product roadmap, tips/techniques and future product enhancements in addition to providing a networking opportunity for the LANSA user community.                                                                    

The OpenText User Group/Roundtable session is open to companies leveraging OpenText’s solutions to connect with their trading partners. Topics include OpenText Active Catalogue product roadmap, images and attribute program support, and adoption metrics, as well as provides a networking opportunity for the OpenText user community. Jo Anna Stewart – Product Manager and Patrick Moynihan – Director of Engineering, will be presenting and participating in this session.                                                      

2017 GS1 US Joint Open Industry Meeting

Open to All Conference Attendees.

Panelist Include: 

Anita Spence - Director, Vendor Relations, Dillard's
Scott Mooney - Vice President Distribution Operations, McKesson Corp
Craig Bacon - Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Tyson Foods Inc.

Join us for the first-ever cross-industry plenary to hear a panel of experts discuss how their organizations are collaborating with GS1 US and other stakeholders in focused industry initiatives. Learn about industry priorities, initiative goals and activities, and hear how member companies are driving deeper adoption of GS1 Standards in apparel/general merchandise, foodservice, grocery, and healthcare. This session will bring a cross-industry perspective to common business process challenges showcasing the power of a standards-based approach to solving them regardless of product type or industry affiliation. Gain valuable insights on data quality and governance; traceability and serialization; product information and content acquisition; item-level inventory visibility; seamless omni-channel fulfillment and e-commerce implementations; and EPC-enabled RFID technology.

2017 GS1 US Industry Initiative Member Meetings

GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Initiative Members Only.

The GS1 US Omni-Channel Ready Merchandise Workgroup identifies the key merchandising challenges in preparing, packaging and shipping product for both in-store and e-commerce fulfillment. The Workgroup prioritizes the areas of opportunity to establish industry best practices for successfully delivering an integrated omni-channel customer experience. In this on-site meeting, Workgroup members will be focusing on topics such as: sharing of product dimension information across channels of sale; optimizing SKU packaging configurations for e-commerce, category-specific needs such as cutlery, tabletop, home fashion, etc.; and developing best practices for folding merchandise for e-commerce distribution. This meeting is open to Workgroup members who have signed the GS1 US IP Policy and Workgroup opt-in, as well as guests and those who have attended less than three prior Workgroup meetings.

Open to All Conference Attendees.

This industry meeting will focus on the outcome of a recent project designed to answer the question: “What are the vital attributes required for GTINs in GDSN that, if accurately populated and maintained, would allow GTINs to be functional in key transactions between healthcare manufacturers and providers?” Join the meeting to learn about this 6 month effort to create critical attribute templates and pilot across the manufacturer, distributor, GPO, and provider. The report out will include an overview of the pilot results, lessons learned, and next steps.

GS1 Healthcare US Initiative Members Only.

The Rx Secure Supply Chain Workgroup provides guidance on how to use GS1 Standards to address requirements in the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). This quarterly face-to-face meeting will focus on DSCSA serialization milestone requirements in preparation for item-level traceability in 2023. The meeting is open to Workgroup companies who have signed the GS1 US IP Policy and members signed the Workgroup Opt-In, as well as guests and those who have attended less than three prior Workgroup meetings.

GS1 US Retail Grocery Initiative and Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative Members Only.

The 2017 Joint Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative and GS1 US Retail Grocery Initiative member meeting is an exclusive event, open to initiative members only. It provides members the opportunity to network directly with their trading partners across the two industry channels to discuss supply chain efficiencies and the use of GS1 Standards. The agenda will focus on foodservice and retail grocery initiative goals, workgroup activities, and accomplishments in key areas, such as supply chain visibility, operational efficiencies, and data quality. There will be a regulatory update as it applies to both the grocery and foodservice channels, as well as breakout discussions aimed at identifying how industry can further leverage best practices to address business needs.