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The GS1 Connect 2018 Conference is the leading trading partner collaboration event where industry stakeholders, data standards users, and experts gather to share practical ideas and industry-tested best practices for leveraging GS1 Standards in supply chain operations and beyond.

Thank you for being an exhibitor at GS1 Connect 2018. We hope to see you next year!

GS1 Connect Website

Visit our conference website to see the highlights, pictures and videos from this year's conference.

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Registration Opt-In List

The attendee registration opt-in list is now available. This page is the only source for the attendee registration opt-in list. Companies soliciting a list of attendees or registrants are fraudulent and do not have any connection to GS1 Connect. Unauthorized distribution of the list is prohibited. For the GS1 Connect 2018 Registration Opt-In List, please click here.