GS1 Connect 2018 Highlights 

Thought leaders, industry innovators, GS1 Standards experts, and trading partners gathered in Phoenix for GS1 Connect® 2018 to accelerate knowledge, business outcomes, and their careers. Watch our highlights video below for a look back on another successful year at GS1 Connect.

GS1 Connect 2018 Opening Session

Opening General Session

Bob Carpenter, GS1 US President and CEO, sets the tone for GS1 Connect 2018 with opening remarks detailing how the unique identification of everything can make anything possible and help accelerate business in this new digital era. Watch his speech.

Our 2018 Keynote Speakers


Mel Robbins Keynote Speaker

Mel Robbins
CNN Commentator and Motivational Speaker
Keynote Presentation: “The 5 Second Rule – Achieve Breakthrough Performance in Your Career & Life”



Dr. Tricia Wang Keynote Speaker

Dr. Tricia Wang
Technology Ethnographer and Co-founder of Sudden Compass
Keynote Presentation:  “Winning the Data Revolution”


GS1 US 2018 Excellence Awards

Siobhan O’Bara, Senior Vice President, Industry Engagement & Services, recognized the winners of the GS1 US 2018 Excellence Awards. For the second year, the GS1 US Excellence Awards recognized organizations and individuals for their achievements in implementing GS1 Standards and identifying best practices that transform business processes and drive innovation across all industries.

The GS1 US 2018 Excellence Award categories and winners were:

  • GS1 US 2018 Operational Excellence Award -  Mercy
  • GS1 US 2018 Innovation Award -  IPC/Subway
  • GS1 US 2018 Small/Mid-Size Business Excellence Award -  Crane USA, Inc.
  • Roger Milliken Career Achievement Award -  Ben Shanley

Excellence Awards - Mercy

Excellence Awards - Crane USA, Inc.

Excellence Awards - IPC/Subway

Excellence Awards - Ben Shanley

Become a GS1 Connect 2019 exhibitor or sponsor

If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor or sponsor at the GS1 Connect 2019 Conference, please submit your interest to

See the list of 2018 Exhibitors & Sponsors.

Call for GS1 Connect 2019 Community Advisory Board Members

Industry representatives from each of our member communities serve on our Community Advisory Board (CAB) and help us address the supply and demand chain concerns facing today’s trading partners to make sure our conference programming is meeting the needs of our audience.

If you are a retailer, manufacturer, distributor, group purchasing organization, foodservice operator, or healthcare provider using GS1 Standards, we need you! GS1 Connect 2019 will continue the tradition of delivering a conference planned and developed by the GS1 US Community Advisory Board to provide a fresh and relevant perspective on industry needs for education on GS1 Standards and industry best practices. To learn more about getting involved with the Community Advisory Board, reach out to