GS1 US Expands Certified Content Provider Program to Help Small Businesses Meet Retailer and Consumer Expectations for Complete Product Information

Awesome Data, dataX.ai, ItemMaster, Label Insight and SMSB Consulting Group Become GS1 US Certified Content Providers

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ – July 25, 2018 – The GS1 US® Certified Content Provider Program has expanded to include five newly certified partners: Awesome Data, dataX.ai, ItemMaster, Label Insight and SMSB Consulting Group. The GS1 US Certified Content Provider Program connects small business owners to solution providers with expertise in creating and managing digital product content.

Launched in 2017 with founding partner Brand Propeller (sgsco), the program is designed to support small business owners in finding solution providers to help provide consumers with complete and accurate product information to inform their purchase decisions. More consumers are buying online, and more than 65 percent of consumers also conduct online product research before shopping in a store, according to a recent Retail Dive consumer survey.

Working with a GS1 US Certified Content Provider, brands can obtain assistance with digital content production, including product images and videos. Additionally, by working with these solution partners, brands can more efficiently prepare their products for sale, increase visibility among new retailer partners, and store content in systems that connect more easily with trading partner systems, eliminating management of multiple processes and spreadsheets. GS1 US Certified Content Providers can also lend expertise in packaging and digital marketing, helping small businesses invest in opportunities for future growth.

“With consumers increasingly gravitating online to research products and make purchases, the role of product content has become critical to making a sale,” said Melanie Nuce, senior vice president of corporate development, GS1 US. “These experts are helping small businesses scale, share, and sustain good product content online through streamlined processes and expert guidance.”

To become certified, solution providers must be members of the GS1 US Solution Partner Program, a broader certification program for companies delivering services and solutions based on GS1 Standards. Additionally, an API subscription to GS1 US Data Hub® is required to access product attributes and images. GS1 US Data Hub is an online tool used to create, manage and share barcodes and product data, including the Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®).  Each certifying company must also employ at least one individual who has passed an exam that measures core knowledge of GS1 Standards.

To learn more about the GS1 US Certified Content Provider program, visit www.gs1us.org/ccp.

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