Project Zipper – EPC/RFID Retail Supply Chain Data Exchange Study

Auburn University’s RFID Lab examined the benefits of item level product tagging, tracking, and sharing data from source to fulfillment

Auburn University’s RFID Lab examined the flow of product information between eight (8) retail brand owners and five (5) retailers for over a one-year period (June 2017 and July 2018). The electronic product code (EPC®)-enabled item level radio frequency identification (RFID) supply chain brand / retailer data exchange study, dubbed “Project Zipper”, took a hands-on investigatory approach to analyzing and evaluating the benefits of brand owners and retailers using the EPC/RFID.

Participants in the data exchange study used RFID technology to tag, track, and share item level inventory data from point of manufacturer, to a brand owner’s distribution center, and through to a retailer’s fulfillment center.