Master the fundamentals of product identification and barcoding in one day...

Then add a day (if you want) to learn how to properly measure your products and when you need to assign a new GTIN.

Introductory GS1 Standards Resources

Download this industry case study to discover how companies of all sizes are leveraging GS1 Standards to streamline their supply chain operations and boost their bottom line performance. And attend our next GS1 Fundamentals and/or Package Measurement with GTIN Management Standard Certificate Courses to learn how.

Case Study: 

Mother Earth Mushrooms Uses GS1 Standards for Produce Traceability and Real-Time Inventory Management PDF (757 KB).





You need to understand the basics first!

Certificate Courses: These courses will help you understand the basics of GS1 Standards and how you can leverage unique product identification to help your company achieve operational efficiencies.

Seamless business processes with the proper use of product identification, barcodes and data sharing strategies help companies efficiently manage order-to-cash processes

  • Understand the principles of globally unique identification of your products
  • Learn how to create trade hierarchies by identifying different packaging levels, including items, cases, pallets and more
  • Find out how you can encode dynamic product information, like batch/lot or expiration date into barcodes for improved supply chain visibility
  • See how accurate measurement of product dimensions (height, weight etc) can help you save money in transportation and warehousing costs