GS1 Package Measurement with GTIN Management Standard Certificate Course

Course summary

Accurate data is an essential component of a visible, secure, and sustainable supply chain. Industry studies have shown that two-thirds of product information shared between trading partners has data accuracy errors. By attending, you will receive information and guidance on interpreting and applying the GS1 Package Measurement Rules for both consumer and non-consumer trade items, which form the foundation for accuracy of physical dimensional data (i.e., weights and dimensions).

You'll also gain an understanding of the GTIN® Management Standard, which forms the basis on whether or not a new Global Trade Item Number ® (GTIN) needs to be assigned based on changes to an existing product, promotion, or new product introduction. An understanding of the rules is a "must have" for those that manage GTIN assignment to ensure that any scanned barcode can be associated with accurate, up-to-date data.

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This course will cover

  • Consumer (End-User) Trade Items
  • Non-Consumer Trade Items
  • Applying GTIN Management Standard
  • What's New with GTIN Management Standard
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Course benefits

  • Acquire a working knowledge of Package Measurement Rules and GTIN Management Standard. Learn how they can be applied to improve supply chain decision making within an organization
  • Get specific questions answered by our experts on using Package Measurement Rules, GTIN Management Standard and the GS1 System of Standards, and how their use can improve your supply chain

Who should attend

The course is suitable for anyone responsible for weights and dimensions or anyone needing to know about GTIN Assignment and Management for their organization. Typical attendees would include: new GS1 US® members, staff responsible for weight and dimensions, supply chain staff and managers, warehouse and supply chain managers, personnel involved with item master maintenance, e-commerce and packaging, and 3PL (Third Party Logistics) and transportation staff.



When bundled with the co-located GS1 US Data Quality Workshop, you can save $200 on the two courses. 

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