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Businesses seek flexible, convenient, and focused educational opportunities to address their unique learning objectives. To meet this need is the mission of the GS1 US University. GS1 US University is the place to learn more about the use, adoption, and implementation of GS1 Standards. Through certificate courses, workshops, and both live and on-demand educational webinars, GS1 US University can help you understand how to use GS1 Standards to help innovate, operate more efficiently, and build capabilities that drive your business.

Learn how to move your business forward with GS1 Standards and GS1 US University.

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GS1 US Certificate Courses and Classroom Events

Become the GS1 Standards expert for your organization by participating in one of our interactive, instructor-led classroom events. Attend a certificate course and learn how to identify products, improve business processes, and reduce costs using GS1 Standards or attend a workshop around Medical Devices Identification (UDI), Data Quality, Supply Chain Visibility, and more.

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Live Educational Webinars

Learn from GS1 Standards experts about topics including the GS1 Company Prefix, identifying your products with GTINs, barcoding your products, sharing data using the GDSN, and more. By attending, you'll have the opportunity to ask the webinar leaders topic-specific questions related to your business.

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Online Training Courses

Want to learn about GS1 Standards at your own pace any time of day or night? Access our library of educational videos and interactive modules through our Learning Management System and set up your own learning paths.

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Standards Sensei Quiz

See if your knowledge of barcodes, package measurement and GTIN management standards will earn you the honorable designation of teacher in the Standardsville Dojo

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“Excellent presentation…It especially helped me better prepare for my upcoming application, which saves me time and money by doing it right the first time. A 'newbie' entrepreneur lacking business background, and often overwhelmed by the many requirements and forms associated with creating a small business, your video reduced my anxiety of the unknown. This one task clearly presented the purpose of GS1 US codes, for all business needs...small and large. I had answers and tools to make the barcode work for my business. Grateful for the knowledge."

-Diane Dallman, Owner-Manager, JD SpeKtrum, LLC

“I was pleased to find a link to training that included the Aiden character. I found the video professional and of great quality. The most important takeaway is that I understood what he (Aiden) was talking about. The format and mini quizzes helped reinforce my learning. I wish I had this three years ago! I look forward to the next Aiden training video. You can’t make these fast enough. Thank you!”

-Brad Depke, Director, GS1 Program, Abbott Laboratories