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Standardized product data drives operational efficiencies and reduces supply chain costs

Stay Relevant to Consumers with Transparency

Case Study:

IPC/Subway has been able to quantify $1.3 million in annual cost avoidance by maximizing truckload capacity based on accurate product data enabled by GS1 Standards.

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Business DriversUnique identification of products and locations adds value by enabling transparency, visibility and efficiency:

Stay Relevant to Consumers with Transparency

Stay Relevant to Consumers with Transparency

Growing consumer demand for rich product information is transforming the foodservice industry.

"We have seen a 20% increase in sales and a 14% increase in demand for those products that have extended data attributes."

Shamrock Foods: Foodservice leader serves up quality data from pallet to palate

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Grow Your Business with Visibility

Grow Your Business with Visibility

Enhancing consumer confidence in food safety and freshness is driving foodservice companies to strengthen their traceability programs.

"We estimate supplier savings of $400K+ from notifying 980 vs. 5,700 restaurants with precise recall."

IPC/Subway: Delivers the Promise of End-to-End Traceability

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Perfecting product information will take your brand to the next level

Maximize Opportunities with Efficiency

Increasing need for seamless operations is motivating foodservice companies to streamline their business processes.

"Average time to market has gone from 90 hours to 30 minutes, 99.4% improvement."

Beaver Street Fisheries: Taking a deep dive into solid data governance

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Get Up to SpeedGS1 US University offers beginner and advanced courses and educational modules

GS1 US University offers beginner and advanced courses and educational modules

GS1 Foundations

This online or virtual classroom offers education that will help you learn product identification standards that result in trusted data for your trading partners and consumers.

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Take the InitiativeFoodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative

Get involved in the Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative and partner with the foodservice industry to identify and overcome challenges using GS1 Standards.

Today, more than 130 foodservice manufacturers, distributors, operators, associations, and others are working together to help address challenges where GS1 Standards can have a positive impact:

  • Driving efficiency across the supply chain
  • Providing complete and accurate product data
  • Meeting traceability demands

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Need Help?Small Business Perspective, Solution Partners and Advisory Services

Small Business PerspectiveExplore how mastering channel strategy and focusing on product information helps small businesses grow their brands.

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Find a Solution PartnerFind a certified GS1 US Solution Partner to help you adopt, enable, and implement GS1 Standards in your business.

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GS1 US Advisory ServicesGS1 USĀ® is here to help your business improve data quality, efficiency, and visibility in your supply chain through the use of GS1 Standards.

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