The Value of Sharing and Synchronizing Trusted Master Data for Healthcare

Harness the Value with GS1 Standards

Today, both healthcare providers and patients have come to expect easy access to information about the products they use and buy. But within a highly complex supply chain, healthcare products can be touched by various trading partners and information can be available from multiple sources. As a result, healthcare stakeholders are recognizing trusted product data as a vital asset for helping to improve patient outcomes, achieve greater efficiencies, and lower costs.

If you are looking to manage and share trusted data, the below implementation resources can help you.

Use Cases

Creating the Case for Trusted Data

Best Practices

Sharing Vital Attributes in Healthcare


Managing and Measuring Data Quality in Healthcare


Getting Started with the GDSN

Quick Start

Quick Start Guide for the GDSN

Master Data Sharing Benefits with the GDSN

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN®) enables the sharing of up-to-date product data and information among trading partners. With the GDSN, any changes made to one company’s item data are automatically updated in trading partners’ systems to ensure access to the same, accurate information.

GSDN Infographic

Data Governance Discipline - Ensuring Accurate, Complete and Consistent Product Information

The GS1 US National Data Quality Program (NDQP) provides organizations with a comprehensive approach to data quality. Organizations should define a data governance program to assign and maintain their product identification numbers and the master data associated with them. With accurate and complete product information, companies can enhance patient safety and gain efficiencies in their operations – it all begins with quality data.  

Achieve a successful data sharing program by building a data governance foundation – we have the framework and the guidance to support you along the way. Learn More