Reimagining Small Business Supply Chains

GS1 US Expert Exchange Forum for Small Businesses  


GS1 US®, the not-for-profit supply chain standards organization best known as  the administrator of the UPC barcode, invited small businesses and several solution providers to a virtual roundtable to get a real-time read on small businesses’ supply chain challenges and key strategies to solve them.


  • Retail Industry Product Information Management. Retail industry created best practices for naming, identification, management, and sharing of product images and data attributes. A consistent model to support omni-channel commerce and enhance speed-to-market product availability. Eliminate existing manual/labor intensive processes and get products online sooner.
  • Guideline: Bill of Lading. The objective of standardizing the BOL is to help ensure that the shipper, carrier and consignee are all getting the information they need for the processing of the goods through the supply chain. This is intended for LTL & TL ground transport within the U.S. Download the Guideline PDF (3.4 MB)
  • GS1 Global Attribute Explorer. An Intuitive, Browser-Based Product Information Search and Discovery Tool. View the overview page

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