Verified by GS1 for Data Recipients

Verified by GS1 powered by GS1 US Data Hub enables retailers, marketplaces and others to verify the integrity of product listings.

Verified by GS1 for Data Recipients

Verified by GS1 can help ensure:

  • GTINS are properly constructed
  • Are not duplicated and is licensed to the brand owner providing the information
  • Streamlined new item set-up with key attributes
  • Improvements to internal data quality

Step by Step


The GTIN and six basic attributes allow for the identification of the product, helping create a digital footprint of that product’s identity, helping brand owners and retailers adhere to and enforce the

Benefits for data recipients:

  • Product listing validation
  • Connected seamless shopping experiences
  • Consumer confidence in product information
  • Getting your trading partners to provide GTINs
  • Getting private brand products’ GTINs Verified by GS1
Verified by GS1 for Brand Owners


Product data flow for Verified by GS1

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What is Verified by GS1?

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