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Improving business by leveraging GS1 Standards to remain relevant and competitive

In the foodservice industry, companies face growing expectations for product information and transparency, as well as a variety of market-driven and regulatory challenges:

  • Increasing consumer demand for robust, accurate product information
  • Trading partner expectations for labeling and transparency
  • Need to reinforce customer confidence through precise recall readiness and traceability
  • Regulatory requirements—and more

GS1 US® works with the foodservice industry to help address these business challenges. By leveraging the power of GS1 Standards, companies are improving business efficiencies and sharing reliable product information to stay relevant and competitive.

INDUSTRY CALL TO ACTION: 17 companies sign letter to promote quality data 

foodservice standards

Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative

Defining challenges, exploring solutions, creating adoption plans.

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GS1 US National Data Quality Program

Enabling complete and accurate product information with education and effective data governance.

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GS1 US Advisory Services

Customized training and standards implementation support for your organization.

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GS1 Standards in Use in Foodservice

See the role GS1 Standards play in helping the foodservice industry reduce waste, improve efficiency, enhance food safety, and more.

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