GS1 US Advisory Services for Traceability, Data Quality, and More!

Get customized support to improve your healthcare supply chain

Today’s healthcare organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver consistent, high-quality care while lowering costs, increasing efficiencies, and adapting to new legislation, reform, and regulations. GS1 US® is here to help your organizations meet those objectives through the use of GS1 Standards.

We offer a combination of technical and business expertise to address specific challenges your organization may face as you integrate the GS1 System of Standards into your operations.

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Education and Implementation Support

To help your company maximize benefits from implementing standards-based business processes, our team of industry experts will share their expertise and best practice recommendations. Topics may include:

  • Identifying Products, Locations, and Logistic Units 
  • Capturing GS1 Standards in Barcodes
  • Supply Chain Traceability 
  • Data Quality and the GS1 US National Data Quality Program
  • Sharing Trusted Data with Trading Partners and Consumers
  • Radio-Frequency Identification
  • Implementation Readiness for Preparing for Regulatory Compliance 

We also provide on-site and enterprise-level education. Among the most popular topics:

  • GS1 Foundations for Healthcare
  • GS1 Standards for U.S. FDA UDI Certificate Course*
  • GS1 Standards for DSCSA Suppliers Certificate Course**

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Learn more about our enterprise level online education or ask us about our on-site training opportunities for your business.

*For information about the rule, see the U.S. FDA Unique Device Identification System

**For information about the act, see the 2013 Drug Supply Chain Security Act

Disclaimer: GS1 US is the local GS1 Member Organization that supports implementation of the GS1 System in the United States. GS1 US employees are not representatives or agents of the U.S. FDA, and the content herein has not been reviewed, approved, or authorized by the U.S. FDA.

GS1 is a U.S. FDA-Accredited Issuing Agency for UDI, and GS1 Standards are authorized for use in implementing the requirements of the U.S. FDA UDI Rule.