Data Synchronization for Healthcare

Master Data Sharing Benefits and GDSN Implementation Resources

Healthcare stakeholders are recognizing trusted product data as a vital  asset for helping to achieve greater efficiencies, lower costs and improve patient outcomes. To facilitate seamless data sharing, manufacturers, distributors and providers are leveraging the Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®) for exchanging accurate, reliable, complete and timely medical device and pharmaceutical product data.

If your company uses, or has plans to use, GDSN to access and share master product, these implementation resources will help you.

The GDSN is a data-sharing protocol that enables trading partners to share product master data with real-time updates. With GDSN, stakeholders can establish an authoritative data source to align product information across their IT systems and with their trading partners.


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GDSN Use Cases

Creating the Case for Trusted Data

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Quick Start Guide

Implementing the GDSN in Healthcare

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GDSN Product Attributes & Hierarchies

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Data Governance Discipline - Ensuring a Successful Data Sharing Program

The GS1 US National Data Quality Program (NDQP) provides organizations with a comprehensive approach to data quality. An organization should define data governance processes to maintain their Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) and GDSN attribute quality in preparation for a GDSN implementation as well as to verify that all products are assigned a GTIN and all data/attributes are properly defined going forward.

Your organization’s GDSN data sharing program should be ground in solid data governance foundation, like the GS1 US NDQP Framework.