GS1 US Data Hub® 4.7 Release:

Release Summary and FAQs

We're constantly improving Data Hub for the benefit of our users and community. We want to improve the way our members share product data consistently with global target markets. GS1 US Data Hub 4.7 is now connected to the GS1 Registry Platform. Read the full Data Hub 4.7 Release Notes > 

The purpose of the GS1 Registry Platform is to serve as a global repository for product data. It will enable subscribers to search and view product data and information worldwide. 

Want to know how this update will directly effect you? Read the FAQs below. 

GS1 US Data Hub | Product – Create/Manage Subscribers (Brand Owners)

The connection between the GS1 Registry Platform (GRP) and Data Hub is live, and we have begun the process of uploading InUse GTINs to the GRP (with your permission, of course).  As there are over 20 million GTINs in Data Hub that are eligible to be uploaded, the initial process may take several days to complete. Rest assured that any changes you’ve made to your GTINs (new InUse GTINs, changes to your GTIN data, or changes you’ve made in your sharing permissions) during this initial upload period WILL be shared with the GRP as soon as the initial process is complete.  Once we get past the initial upload, your changes will flow up to the GRP automatically, just as they’ve always done in the Data Hub platform.  We will post a notice on the Data Hub homepage to let you know that the initial upload is complete.

Yes, by default, “In Use” product data saved in GS1 US Data Hub is being shared with the GS1 Registry Platform. However, companies can also opt-out from sharing their product data. To do this, the General User Administrator and/or Product Administrator can visit the “Administrator/Product – General Settings” page and uncheck the box for “Share data with the GS1 Registry Platform.” All of the company’s product records will be removed from the GS1 Registry Platform. At this time, only consumer trade items (“Each”) are being shared on the GS1 Registry Platform. Higher packaging levels (inner pack, case, pallet, etc.) are NOT currently being shared.

As of October 28th 2019, product data may be visible to recipients, solution providers, and any GS1 Member by accessing their respective Member Organization’s activate-grade solution/platform (like GS1 US Data Hub), specifically through a View/Use subscription offering.

No, you can continue adding product data and generating barcode images just as you have before. These changes simply mean that your product data will be part of a global database, making brand owners’ product information visible and searchable by potential customers and partners across global target markets. The good news is that by sharing your company data to the GS1 Registry Platform, your company is prepared when your business grows and you’re ready to branch out to other retailers and global markets.

The GS1 Global Registry is a central directory that is used by the Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®), which supports the sharing of product data between brand owners and retailers or other data recipients. The GDSN is used by certified data pools around the world and enables data synchronization by ensuring all parties use the same standard set of messages, validation rules, and processes.

The GS1 Registry Platform supports this data-sharing by serving as the repository of products that have been verified to have a valid GTIN structure, Company Prefix, and check digit. What’s more, the GS1 Registry Platform will ensure that a GTIN hasn’t been duplicated. These actions are performed via the Verified by GS1 capability.

GS1 US Members enter or import their product data into GS1 US Data Hub, and “In Use” products are now shared by default from GS1 US Data Hub with the GS1 Registry Platform.

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GS1 US Data Hub | Product - View/Use Subscribers (Retailers)

GS1 US Data Hub | Product - View/Use Subscribers can now search for GTINs that have been shared with the GS1 Registry Platform. This is represented by a new tab: “Search GS1 Registry Platform”. When you click on this tab, you can enter a GTIN to search for that product on the GS1 Registry Platform. As of October 28th, 2019, the GS1 Registry Platform includes products from eight countries: Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Netherlands, and The United States. More countries are expected to be added in 2020.

Yes, if you have a valid GS1 US Data Hub | Product - View/Use subscription, you will have access to this tab. You will need the product’s GTIN to search for the product data. You can also use the “Search Shared Products” tab to search for more detailed product data that is housed locally in Data Hub | Product

No. At this time, the “Search GS1 Registry Platform” tab enables you to search by the GTIN only. Over time, we will work with the GS1 Global Office to continue to enhance the search capabilities of the GS1 Registry Platform.

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