Rapid Recall Express

Do your part for consumer safety and make Rapid Recall Express a part of your recall or withdrawal process

A product recall or market withdrawal can be stressful enough. With Rapid Recall Express®, you can be assured that you are communicating all the appropriate information to your affected trading partners with one form.

Rapid Recall Express is a standardized form that applies industry expertise and best practices to recall and withdrawal notifications. It’s free and available to all companies for use in the event of a product recall or withdrawal—making it easy to communicate directly to trading partners of your choosing. Plus, Rapid Recall Express follows GS1 Standards. These standards provide unique identification of products and other associated information regarding these items, such as date codes and the reason for the recall.

Rapid Recall Express Benefits

Rapid Recall Express image

Suppliers and Distributors:

  • Quickly complete the form with relevant recall or withdrawal information
  • Notify any trading partner of your choosing


  • Get comprehensive information you need to quickly remove the affected product from your shelves
  • Receive recall or withdrawal information directly from your trading partner

Solution Providers assisting in the recall or withdrawal execution activities:

  • Have confidence you are viewing the same accurate information as the company experiencing the recall or withdrawal

How to Use Rapid Recall Express:

  • Open the Rapid Recall Express fillable form and save it
  • Complete the form by entering data for a recall or withdrawal event for all four pages of the form
  • Share by sending to trading partners of your choosing

If you have any questions on how to use Rapid Recall Express, please refer to our Job Aid PDF.

How to Access Rapid Recall Express:

To access Rapid Recall Express, simply provide the information below. After clicking submit, you will receive an email with a link to download the PDF form.



Rapid Recall Exchange has become Rapid Recall Express, a fillable standardized form. There is no subscription to use Rapid Recall Express. In the event of a product recall or market withdrawal, communicate directly to trading partners of your choosing.