Small businesses need your expertise in order to sell online

There are thousands of GS1 US Small Business Members that don't know how to do what you do! They need your help with retailer readiness, building product content and images, marketing, gaining exposure and understanding compliance and packaging laws. GS1 US has created an avenue for these small businesses to find you, through the GS1 US Certified Content Provider Program.

This program is a wonderful way to get connected with companies that are actively searching for these services. Why not get them from you—a one-stop-shop that can do it all and help manage their content in GS1 US Data Hub | Product.

GS1 US Certified Content Provider Program

Why You!

As a company that operates in this space regularly, there's no one more qualified than you to help small businesses achieve their dreams!

  • You understand the challenges small businesses face and are equipped to meet their needs
  • You can help keep retailer requirements straight and up to date
  • You can provide enhanced product information directly back to their Data Hub product listing
  • You can help them understand relevant regulations and avoid compliance nightmares
  • You, as a CPP, can also take advantage of the GS1 US Solution Partner Benefits

What's in it For You?

  • Access new GTINs real-time via GS1 US Data Hub
  • Promote your value-added digital agency services to suppliers
  • Increase your visibility within a shared database
  • Drive new brand owner business
  • Use the GS1 US Certified Content Provider trustmark on your website and collateral
How does the program work

How does the program work?

What are the requirements

What are the requirements to become a Certified Content Partner?

Tell me more

I'm interested, tell me more!

Increase the impact of your organization and foster valuable new business connections

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