GDSN Major Release 3

The latest update to the Global Data Synchronization NetworkTM (GDSN®), GDSN Major Release 3 (MjR3), brings a new level of speed, efficiency, and information-sharing flexibility to the nearly 40,000 organizations worldwide that rely on the GDSN to share trusted product data with their business partners in an automatic and immediate way. With enhancements like richer product information sharing, industry-specific functionality, and better regulatory compliance features, the release of GDSN Major Release 3 empowers organizations to respond to new and emerging marketplace demands like never before.

What is GDSN Major Release 3

The updated GDSN connects trading partners to the GS1 Global Registry® via GS1-certified data pools, enabling the immediate electronic sharing of standardized, up-to-date, and accurate information.

As a result of growing use of GDSN in various industry sectors, the non-backward compatible MjR3 is designed to respond to market needs to:

  • Support regulatory compliance requirements
  • Provide product information for business-to-consumer purposes
  • Increase speed to market capabilities


Data Flow via GDSN

Step 1: Load data
Step 2: Register data
Step 3: Subscription request
Step 4: Publish data
Step 5: Recipient confirmation

GDSN Infographic

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