Test/Verify Printed Barcodes

Barcode verification is the best way to ensure scannability so your barcodes scan the first time, every time. Poor quality barcodes cost you time, productivity, and money.

Choose from these two options:

Barcode Verification Services

Barcode Verification Services image

GS1 US® has a number of solution providers who can test your barcodes for adherence to GS1 Standards through a verification process and the GS1 General Specifications. Testing includes size assessment, color, print quality, quiet zones, barcode height, location/placement of the barcode, and the correct calculation of the check digit.

Use the GS1 US Solution Provider Finder to find a solution provider who can perform Barcode Verification Services.

Verification Equipment

Verification equipment image

You can purchase your own verification equipment to perform verification yourself. You can choose from one of the GS1 US Solution Providers that sell verifiers. Select the Hardware option, then scroll down to select Verifiers.

You can use GS1 US Calibrated Conformance Standard Test Cards to check your verifier’s calibration and improve verification reliability. Test cards help to ensure that your barcodes will read accurately throughout the supply chain to the point-of-sale. You can purchase these test cards from GS1 US.

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