GS1 US Attribute Explorer Offers Trading Partners Standardized Definitions for Product Attributes
Web-Based Tool Provides Search and Discovery of Accurate Product Attribute Definitions

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ – July 16, 2015 – A new GS1 US online tool will address industry demand for standardized product attribute definitions and help businesses better serve the information needs of their trading partners and customers. GS1 US Attribute Explorer™, a centralized, web-based repository of more than 2,700 product attribute definitions and 3,600 code list values will enable the apparel, general merchandise, retail grocery, foodservice and healthcare industries to streamline the exchange of product data by providing one source for GS1 standardized terms.

“It has been a challenging process for suppliers and retail trading partners to ensure product information is accurate and understandable,” said Bernie Hogan, senior vice president of emerging capabilities and industries, GS1 US. “GS1 US Attribute Explorer enables trading partners to search and discover standardized definitions for product information required to optimize their supply chain business processes, drive consumer interest and influence purchase decisions. We look forward to open collaboration with all industry stakeholders to help users harmonize their product data definitions, eliminate inaccuracies and reduce implementation time.”

GS1 US Attribute Explorer provides retailers, marketplaces, suppliers, brand owners, and manufacturers with access to standardized definitions for attributes such as brand, ingredients, allergens and other types of product information that have already been defined in the GS1 Global Data Dictionary and through GS1 US industry initiatives. Users can view a list of standardized attributes or search attributes by name or description. They can also ascertain whether an attribute is defined in standards or industry guidelines, identify the attributes for a given product category, and determine which attributes are required by demand-side partners or government regulations. The attributes and code list values contained in the tool include Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®) standards and more.

GS1 US Attribute Explorer is publicly available and has been supported by multiple industry stakeholders, including retailers such as Belk.

“Consumers are demanding quality, accurate information to drive their purchase decisions,” said Colleen McCarthy, vice president, data governance, Belk, Inc. “Poor data quality leads to higher incidences of returns, customer disappointment, and potentially lost repeat business. The GS1 US Attribute Explorer will help us deliver on our promise to our customers to provide accurate and complete product information, improving customer satisfaction.”

To simplify the creation and ongoing management of the underlying data model framework of Attribute Explorer, GS1 US has aligned with 1WorldSync. The two organizations will use the same foundational data model for their respective attribute management offerings, removing duplicative efforts and simplifying the continuous engagement of industry. GS1 US will continue to address standardization, harmonization and rationalization of attributes, in addition to liaising with the Global Standards Management Process (GSMP) with all industry partners.

“1WorldSync is committed to using the same standards-based data model established by GS1 US,” said Dan Wilkinson, chief commercial officer at 1WorldSync. “We will engage industry trading partners and regulatory bodies in unison. New product releases this year from 1WorldSync will include the same standards-based data model used by Attribute Explorer in their foundation.”

As part of the ongoing development of GS1 US Attribute Explorer, GS1 US will collaborate with all industry partners and collect industry feedback to help identify any gaps in the information provided and potential opportunities to improve the tool. All users, including other data pools, are encouraged to provide feedback by contacting

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