Barcode Verification Services

Note: GS1 US is ending its Barcode Verification Services on December 31, 2017. Barcode verification services are offered by many GS1 US Solution Partners, who are certified in the GS1 Standards. Visit our GS1 US Solution Provider Finder to learn more.

You need barcodes that scan the first time, every time. Get that assurance with our fee-based barcode verification services.

Here’s how our Barcode Verification Services work:

Image of Barcode Verification

  1. You submit your barcoded item(s). For retail items, send them to us in their final packaged form. If you need us to test non-retail items, please send shrink-wrapped trays (with the individual items packed inside), display boxes (you can send them flattened for a complete assessment), or inner-packs and outer cartons (you can send whole cartons flattened for a complete assessment). Notes: For bulky items or those weighing more than 25 pounds, please send us empty, flat packaging. If you are submitting a barcode that is located directly on an irregularly shaped consumer unit, the item in its entirety is needed for review. Do not submit a barcode that has been removed from the consumer unit. We can test using artwork samples (laser prints, bromides, mock-ups and proofs) and will provide an interim report on barcode size and quiet zones. However, we need final samples to provide a complete verification report.
  2. We test the barcode(s). Using our formal verification process, we test your barcode(s) for compliance with GS1 Standards. Testing assesses size, color, print quality, and quiet zones. We also check barcode height, location/placement, and calculation of the check digit.
  3. You get the results. We deliver a detailed report showing how your barcode(s) performed. View this sample report for an example of what you can expect to receive.


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What about coupons?

Yes, we test those, too. Send us mock-ups and proofs of coupons that use the GS1 Coupon Code, the GS1-128 Coupon Extended Code, or the GS1 DataBar® Expanded Symbols. We’ll verify that the data encoded within the coupon meets the applicable requirements (the U.S. Application Standard for Coupons and/or the North American Application Guideline Using GS1 DataBar Expanded Symbols). We’ll give you a print quality verification report plus a coupon verification report that notes pass/fail for each element of the coupon.

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