Frequently Asked Questions

My Account

Log into myGS1 US and click on “Manage Company Info”.

Go to the Member Services page for payment options.

Normal processing time, after we receive your payment, is one business day.

Download a copy of our W-9 form. It lists the GS1 US Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Use this to set up GS1 US as a vendor in your system.

If you terminate your GS1 US membership, you may put the ability to use your GTINs and UPCs in jeopardy. GS1 US membership is linked to your ability to use your GS1 Company Prefix in market. When you terminate your membership, or let your Prefix expire: 

  • You are no longer permitted to use the GS1 Company Prefix that was issued to your company. You will not have the ability to assign GTINs using your Prefix. 

  • Your company listing will be removed from the GS1 Company Database, which is what many major retailers use to validate a seller’s connection to their products. 

  • You will lose access to your product information in GS1 US Data Hub. 

  • GS1 US Data Hub View/Use Subscribers will no longer see company or product listings.

To fully understand the ramifications of membership termination, reach out to GS1 US at 937.435.3870 or email us at  

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