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GS1 US Data Hub | Create/Manage

Create UPC Barcodes and Manage Your Data in One Place

Use GS1 US Data Hub—free with your membership—to assign GTINs and share data instantly

Add your brand and product data directly to the GS1 Global Registry of over 440 million products (and growing!) by using the GS1 US Data Hub | Create/Manage platform—access is included for a single user with your purchase of a GS1 Company Prefix, Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®), or Global Location.

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Assign GTINs (barcode numbers) and create UPC barcodes

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Create GLNs (Global Location Numbers)

The Right Tool for the Job

Data Quality manager

Logistics Managers

Improve inventory management and traceability, connect with your data pool without having to re-enter any data, ensure shipping and fulfillment is accurate and on time, save time, and minimize errors. If you have a GS1 Company Prefix, GS1 US Data Hub® also helps you efficiently manage its capacity.

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Data Quality Managers

Add product and location details, get an easy way to audit and improve the quality of your GTINs, improve business processes and efficiency, ensure the accuracy of key regulatory information, and enable brand transparency to end-customers.

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Small Businesses

Store all of your product details, along with your GS1 identification numbers, in one place; create your UPC barcodes to quickly share with multiple trading partners; and support retailer requirements for authentication and product listings.

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Healthcare Professionals

Use GS1 Standards to meet requirements for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), including GLNs to identify your ship-to and sold-to in DSCSA transactions. If no GLNs were enumerated on your behalf, use GS1 US Data Hub® to create and assign GLNs for your own locations. You can also share your location data with other pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, healthcare providers, and pharmacies through GS1 US Data Hub. By using GS1 Standards for uniquely identifying GLNs, this tool helps avoid errors and the chance of duplicating data.

Start Selling Your Products on Amazon

Begin your online selling journey for Amazon and other online marketplaces by geting your UPC barcodes from GS1 US. 

Recommended by Amazon, a GS1 barcode recognizes you as a credible and legitimate seller. 

Improve Your Business Operations With GS1 US Data Hub

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Avoid costly mistakes

Increase confidence that your UPCs, barcodes, GTINs, and GLNs are mistake-free, properly formatted, and follow GS1 Standards, saving time and money. 

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Securely store your data

GS1 US Data Hub identifies your company as the sole brand owner of your products and locations, adding another layer of protection for your brand and product listings.

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Start right to plan for growth

Stand out to retailers/marketplaces with data set up the right way and ready to be shared in GS1 US Data Hub. This will help set your business up to scale and grow. 

Growing Your Business? Expand Your Subscription

A single GS1 US Data Hub | Create/Manage subscription is included with your GS1 US® membership. To add users or additional services, log in to your user account and purchase the item in the store. 

Add the features below to your subscription for an additional annual fee.

GS1 US Data Hub Export

Import previously created GTINs and GLNs, and export your own data

GS1 US Data Hub Web Services API Add-On

Integrate data with your systems

Subscription to GS1 US Data Hub | Create / Manage
+ $6,500 Annual Fee
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Access Compliant and Secure Data From Your Trading Partners  

Need to view and share data to run your business? A GS1 US Data Hub | View/Use subscription includes unlimited queries of the GS1 Database—providing detailed and accurate product, location, and company data directly from the brand owner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A Global Trade Item Number (GTIN®) is a GS1 identification key that is used to identify a trade item. It is a globally unique number that is used to identify your specific product or service and is encoded into a UPC barcode.

Whether you are a manufacturer or healthcare provider, you can use GS1 US Data Hub | Location - Create/Manage to create, maintain, and share accurate location information with your trading partners. Using the Global Location Number (GLN) and GS1 US Data Hub helps the right product arrive at the right place at the right time, facilitates efficient business practices, drives down supply chain costs, and supports traceability and regulatory processes. 

The product data that you provide through GS1 US Data Hub | Product is basic and likely includes far fewer attributes than you’d provide through a data pool or through a product catalog. However, the foundational product data that you choose to enter in GS1 US Data Hub | Product can be as complete as you choose and adheres to GS1 Standards. The functional product data you enter is also a great source for your chosen data pool or product catalog to use to start the process of importing your data into their database, all without you having to re-enter any data. Just choose to share your Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs)/product data with your data pool (if they’re not subscribed to GS1 US Data Hub | Product yet, suggest they look into it), and they can export and upload your records directly into their databases. From there, you can supplement your records by adding additional attributes, just as you do today.

Need a hand?

If you need help getting started or support with any aspect of your GS1 US Data Hub, please get in touch.

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