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Collaborating with industries to unlock the value of GS1 Standards

Every day, companies use data to deliver outstanding products and services, increase transparency and visibility, improve safety, and drive growth. GS1 Standards provide unique identification of items, parties, and locations, that allow them to be linked with relevant information and data.

With GS1 Standards as the foundation, businesses:

  • Gain efficiencies
  • Expand capabilities and services
  • Create better ways of doing business
  • Adapt to new business challenges
  • Stay competitive

GS1 US® works in a neutral and not-for-profit role with industry and related stakeholders to identify solutions and establish ways of doing business that benefit all companies.

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Apparel and General Merchandise

Automating business processes, driving revenue for seamless fulfillment, and creating end-to-end supply chain visibility.

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Retail Grocery

Enabling end-to-end supply chain visibility, efficiency, and traceability while also improving food safety for consumers.



Supporting reliable product information to increase efficiencies throughout the supply chain while enhancing food safety for consumers and transparency for industry.

Unlock New Levels of Supply Chain Efficiency

Discover 6 use cases for generative AI in the supply chain that have the potential to boost your supply chain's resilience, efficiency, and sustainability.

Unlock New Levels of Supply Chain Efficiency


Helping healthcare leaders and organizations share data to improve patient safety, promote accuracy, drive work efficiency, lower costs, and address regulatory demands.

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Featured Topics & Insights

A forum for topics, industry challenges, and business opportunities that can be addressed through the adoption and use of GS1 Standards.

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