Update Your GS1 Identifier Registration

Your GS1 Identifier is the key element to your company’s unique identification, allowing your business to identify, capture, and share information regarding your products. 

  • GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers)
  • U.P.C. and shipping labels
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communications
  • Data synchronization
  • Coupons

By helping to ensure that your company information is up to date, you can accurately represent your company, promote traceability of the product throughout the supply chain, and build barcodes that are accepted by retailers globally. If your company has recently undergone a name change or been a part of a merger or acquisition, you will need to update your GS1 Company Prefix registration.

Does your identifier information need to be updated?

Yes. My company address needs to be updated.

Yes. My company name has changed

Yes. My company is undergoing a merger or acquisition