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In retail grocery, on-shelf availability and efficiency are everything. GS1 Standards help trading partners seamlessly exchange data to enable supply chain visibility and consumer transparency.

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Alcohol and Beverage Industry

Companies in the alcohol and beverage industry are encouraged to obtain a GS1 Company Prefix and identify products with Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) encoded in barcodes to enable automatic data capture.

Guidelines for applying U.P.C. barcodes to alcohol beverage bottles include:

  • According to federal and state regulations, permanent proof changes to an existing item and proof variations by state require a new GTIN®
  • Age variations by state can carry the same GTIN, unless unique identification is needed for special tracking purposes
  • Gift wrap, internal gift-wrapping, or carton (if any) carries the same GTIN as the bottle (Gift bottle GTIN is same as the regular bottle GTIN, assuming same price)
  • Special packaging without separate container (e.g., a point-of-sale (POS) piece attached to neck wrap), can carry the same GTIN as the regular bottle if there is no pricing differential
  • All vintages of the same varietal wine can have the same GTIN unless there is a plan to market and track different vintages or if they carry different prices
  • Download GS1 Wine Supply Chain Traceability Guideline PDF

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