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Businesses seek flexible, convenient, and focused educational opportunities to address their unique learning objectives. To meet this need is the mission of the GS1 US University. GS1 US University is the place to learn more about the use, adoption, and implementation of GS1 Standards. Through certificate courses, workshops, and both live and on-demand educational webinars, GS1 US University can help you understand how to use GS1 Standards to help innovate, operate more efficiently, and build capabilities that drive your business.

Learn how to move your business forward with GS1 Standards and GS1 US University.

Spotlight: GS1 Standards Advanced Virtual Certificate Course

Looking to unlock the full value of your data? Attend this course to learn essential concepts relating to the GS1 System of Standards and how to apply them using real-world examples and learnings.

Standards Education to Meet Your Needs

Certificate Courses

Certificate Courses

Become a GS1 Standards expert by participating in one of our Certificate Courses. Learn how to use GS1 Standards to identify, capture, and share your products to help improve the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of your supply chain.

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GS1 Standards Essentials

Want to learn about GS1 Standards at your own pace any time of day or night? Access our library of educational videos and interactive modules through our Learning Management System and set up your own learning paths.

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"GS1 standards create a common foundation for business by uniquely identifying, accurately capturing, and automatically sharing vital information about products, locations, assets, and more. I am happy to have learned in-depth about GS1 standards in the course offered by GS1 US. Thank you so much VISIOTT Traceability Solutions for this opportunity."
-Sanghaar Sindhi
“Excellent course book and presentation. I now have a better understanding of the GS1 Standards.”
-Siem Su, Tamlyn
“Even though I have been using GS1 standards for 9 years I feel this session clarified my uncertainties. I will never look at barcodes the same way again.”
-Antonela Marza, Deoleo

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