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Search by UPC, barcode number, company name, or GLN

Do you feel confident in your data? Have you stepped into a new role and need to verify information associated with your barcodes? Try using Verified by GS1—our global solution to data quality challenges—to query our global registry of GS1 identification numbers. Use the search tool below to search by product, look up location/party details, verify company information, and validate your data against a global platform.

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Why use the GS1 Database?

The GS1 Database is a single source of truth for ensuring your end-customers get accurate data. You can search by Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), the number encoded in a UPC barcode. You can also search for Global Location Number (GLN), company name, or other GS1 keys. By licensing a GS1 Company Prefix with GS1 US, companies are identified as the licensee of this number and all associated GS1 identification numbers built with that number, as long as it is active. The results from queries in the GS1 Database include basic GS1 licenses and licensee information, product data, and location data for more than one million GS1 member companies in more than 110 countries. This tool is ideal if you want to:

  • Check the validity of any GTIN, GLN or any other GS1 identifier
  • Verify which company licensed a GS1 Company Prefix for a product or location
  • Search UPC product and location data from both domestic and international companies
  • Research basic company information from a GS1 product or location keys
  • Validate GLN assignments and avoid creating duplicates
  • Enhance and clean product catalogs
  • Analyze seven (7) key attributes of products as provided by brand owners: GTIN, brand name, product description, product image, Global Product Classification (GPC), net content, and country of sale

Who uses the GS1 Database?

Retailers, logistics partners, business owners, supply chain managers, and more are increasingly prioritizing product and location data accuracy. The rise of e-commerce and the accessibility of online retail channels of the past two decades has meant an explosion of product and location data—and not all of it is completely reliable. Supply chain partners need to unite around a common language of standards, not only to be able to take advantage of growth opportunities but to also embrace innovative technology such as AI, machine learning, and other advances in automation.

How can you be sure that the product and location data your company is working with is accurate and ready to circulate throughout the supply chain? By utilizing the GS1 Database, you can conduct UPC lookup / GTIN lookup / GLN lookup / GS1 Company Prefix lookup to remediate inaccuracies and discrepancies in foundational supply chain data, allowing for growth and confidence.

How the GS1 Registry Improves Product Data Quality for Amazon

Sam Heyworth of Amazon discusses how the GS1 Registry is a vital resource to authenticate product data for selling partners across listing, packaging, shipping, and other commerce activities.

Looking for unlimited searches or API integration? Get more results with GS1 US Data Hub®

The GS1 Database offers a quick and easy way to verify product, location, and company data but it comes with limitations. GS1 US offers a more rounded experience with GS1 US Data Hub®. With a Data Hub | View/Use subscription, your additional benefits compared to the GS1 Database are:

  • More search capabilities including not only GTIN/UPC, GLN, and company name, but also GS1 Company Prefix (GCP), location name, company address and many more advanced filters.
  • No limits on search that hinder your productivity
  • No CAPTCHAs that are time consuming
  • More detailed results that are downloadable with an add-on

For enterprise level search and result functionalities, subscribe to: