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GS1 US Data Hub

Manage and Share Data in One Secure Platform

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Create UPC Barcodes and Manage Your Data

Manufacturers and brand owners can assign GS1 identifier numbers to their products and locations, create UPC barcodes, and manage product data, all in one place. GS1 US Data Hub | Create/Manage gives you the power to improve inventory management, fulfill retailer requirements, and increase visibility.

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Search and Verify Trading Partner Information

Marketplaces, retailers, and solution providers can validate data from their suppliers and improve data quality and traceability at their company. GS1 US Data Hub | View/Use is a single source of truth to verify product, location, and company data at the global level. 

GS1 US Data Hub | Create/Manage

Manage Products

  • Create Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) and barcodes
  • Input key product data to share with trading partners, helping them improve product listings
  • Be part of the global sharing of data to increase your company’s visibility

Manage Locations

  • Create Global Location Numbers (GLNs)
  • Add key location data to share with trading partners, enhancing traceability in the supply chain
  • Communicate accurate location data to drive accurate shipments

GS1 US Data Hub | View/Use

View Products

  • Verify that the products you’re listing are associated with the right Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs)/UPCs and companies
  • Be confident that every GTIN or UPC adheres to GS1 Standards and is uniquely associated with one—and only one—product

View Locations

  • Verify that the physical locations and legal entities in your system are associated with the right Global Location Numbers (GLNs) 
  • Receive key location identification, eliminating confusion, ensuring accuracy across the supply chain, and supporting regulatory requirements
  • Avoid duplicates and ensure your GLN is assigned to only one unique location 

View Companies

  • Verify that the products you’re listing are associated with the right companies
  • Validate the connections between licensee companies and identifiers such as GTINs, UPCs, and GLNs

One Convenient, Data-Sharing Platform for All Your Needs

We offer multiple subscriptions to our online tool—GS1 US Data Hub®. Whether you share your product/location data or verify data from other companies, there is a subscription for you. Explore the options and choose the right subscription for your business.

  • Identify With a Single Source of Truth
    Identify With a Single Source of Truth

    GS1 US Data Hub is a centralized place to store product, location and company information for your business and for your trading partners. Adding an API can mean even easier integration with your system.

  • Share Product Data
    Share Seamlessly Across the Supply Chain

    GS1 US Data Hub helps brand owners to share product and location information electronically with GS1 US Data Hub View/Use subscribers, eliminating the need for manual re-keying and improving accuracy and efficiency in business communications.

  • Improve Customer Experience
    Improve End-Customer Experience

    By supporting safety and compliance efforts, like recall and patient safety, GS1 US Data Hub improves end-customer experience online and/or in store, with accurate product data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using GS1 US Data Hub® to create Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) and Global Location Numbers (GLNs) automatically incorporates your GS1 Company Prefix, reserves just the right number of digits for your item/location reference codes, and automatically calculates the check digit. You as a brand owner can be confident that you created your GS1 identification numbers right the first time, and trading partners can trust that products and locations created in GS1 US Data Hub adhere to GS1 Standards.

You can access GS1 US Data Hub® from the myGS1 US user portal or directly at You must first activate your account by clicking on the link in the email you received at the time of setup from with a subject line of “Register Your GS1 US Customer Portal Account.”

To generate a barcode image, you will need to log in to GS1 US Data Hub, create a product, and assign an available/imported Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) to your product. Follow the barcode generator steps to download your barcode image. More detailed instructions are available in the GS1 US Data Hub Help Center. Solution partners who are experts trained in GS1 Standards are also available to help you with barcode labeling and printing

If you created Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs)/Global Location Numbers (GLNs) outside of GS1 US Data Hub, we recommend that you import your GTINs/GLNs into GS1 US Data Hub to avoid duplication and to centralize your product/location information. Importing your data is a simple process and always free! 

If you were using spreadsheets, view the Product Import User Guide to help you get started with importing these GTINs/GLNs into GS1 US Data Hub. If you were using a Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®)-certified data pool, follow these instructions to bring in your GTINs easily and automatically moving forward.

Need a hand?

If you need help getting started or support with any aspect of your GS1 US Data Hub, please get in touch.

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