Product Measurement Services

  • For accurate product dimensions

    How can you improve the accuracy of your product dimensions in the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN®)? By using GS1 US Product Measurement Services. We’ve designed these services to support your data accuracy program from day one. Choose from two options.

    Retailer Audit Services

    Have your suppliers regularly ship their products to our GS1 US Measurement Services lab. We’ll measure their products and let your suppliers know what they need to correct in order to comply with GS1 product measurement standards.

    These services are an ideal way to:

    • Uncover product dimension measurement errors caused by design changes
    • Track supplier progress on data accuracy
    • Identify the root cause of discrepancies—and help suppliers become more knowledgeable about how to interpret and apply the GDSN Package Measurement Standards 

    Supplier Measurement Services

    Get precise measurements and weights to enter into your internal system and the GDSN.

    Choose how you would like to use these services: by shipping your products to our lab or by bringing GS1 US® experts to your location. Either way, you benefit from detailed assessment of your products.*

    To learn more, contact us.

    *GS1 US cannot accept freight or pallet shipments. 

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