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Get Started Guide

Learn how to uniquely identify your products so you can sell them in stores or online. If you’re already selling your products, this guide offers other opportunities to expand your use of GS1 Standards.

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Obtain Additional GS1 Company Prefixes

If you need to create additional barcodes, Global Location Numbers (GLNs), or other GS1 System Identification numbers, simply license for one or more GS1 Company Prefix(es).

Pay your Bill

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Company Contact Information

Accurate company and contact information allows GS1 US to contact you with important account updates—make sure your information is up to date!

Update Prefix Registration

Update your GS1 Company Prefix information in the event of a company name change, merger, acquisition, or divestiture.

Doing Business in China

Are you manufacturing and selling your products in China? Learn more about the rules and regulations there.

Small Business Solutions

Whether you are bringing your product to market for the first time or taking your company to the next level, GS1 US strives to make it easier for you to do business.