Standards in Use in Apparel and General Merchandise

Providing the foundation for efficient supply chain management

For more than 40 years, the GS1 System of Standards has revolutionized efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in a broad range of industries—including apparel and general merchandise. GS1 Standards provide a “common language” that trading partners use to identify items at any point along the value chain.

GS1 Standards are like the DNA of items and products moving through their value chain. By uniquely identifying each, it’s possible to link items and products with relevant information.

Here’s an overview of how GS1 Standards play an important role:

Apparel and General Merchandise Standards in Use

That’s just the beginning

For a deeper understanding of how GS1 Standards actively support your product’s value chain—optimizing efficiencies, improving inventory management, and enhancing the customer experience—view our short video or read our brochure.

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